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Name: Githheuthix
Location: My thoughts and Dreams
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Last Seen: Wed, 28 Oct 2009

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Hi, my name's Ryan Lee Torres Pena Guadalupe Gonzales Contreras, and I and am a 14 year old dude that is barely starting to develop his psychic and telekinesis abilities. I come from a family where the only magic, that I know of, was my great great grandma was a card reader and my aunt is able to tell who and when someone is going to pass away (though she does not like it). My mom barely decided to tell me all this like at the beginning of January though I have always had a sense that I had some kind of Psychic power because every time my right eyes twitches, something bad happens. And every time my left eye twitches, something good happens... and if usually happens to the last person I talked to right before they twitched. I don't really believe in wearing shoes, sandals are okay, because I fell that they block the flow of energy between the Earth and my feet. Even when I was little, I would hate to wear shoes, even socks, because I felt (and still feel) that way. I have only done telekinesis about three times, actually, one time was just yesterday. I moved a dime, but only like a centimeter. The other two were by accident and one didn't end too good... This kid was being mean to and one day, I heard him call my whole family a bunch of 'illegal aliens', just cause I got one point higher than him on our science test; he got a 98, I got a 99. (btw, I am Mexican. Half Mexican and half Spanish.) Anyways, the point is that his little comment made me real mad. So mad, that I went into the restroom and just yelled at the top of my lungs. And then all this water shot up and out from the toilets and faucets and into a huge ball right above me. SPLASH!!!! it all came down on me and flooded the restroom... I have always loved Water... just its free movement, its feeling... I've always felt like I was... connected to the element of water... If anyone can tell me if this is linked to anything else above, please tell me. Thanks! = ) Well that's about all, if you want to know more, just message me. And if you want to spend your time, please help me try to understand this more and hopefully control it. !*~(_Githeuthix*Rayne_)~*!


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