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Name: Christaratlc
Location: Cincinnati
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 12 Feb 2009

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I am a Homemaker and been married since 1998.I am a Pisces.I started studying wicca since 2004,and my spells do work most of the time.I say if it doesn't then the higher power God doesn't permit it.Same as prayers.I don't really have any particular religion I follow.I was married in a Catholic church,because my husband is.I was baptized as a Methodist,but went to a private Catholic school.I can find things very fast,I can do word search puzzles and find the hidden words very fast.If I open up a page and look at the first word I find it immediately.If I am looking for something like a word in the dictionary I turn right to the page.I can touch a hot oven at 400 degrees without getting burned.I can hear spirits,and I have seen Jesus,God,Virgin Mary,and the Devil.I have had deja vues a few times.I can walk on my feet while they have fallen asleep,before I couldn't I would fall or I'd get a sprain.I believe that I have been here before because when I buy something new I put it together without directions.Also I have seen in my hands markings of a circle like I had been crucified.I have a heart shaped vein on my chest with a dagger vein in it.I also have a florida birth mark near my pelvis.My third eye is trying to open up.I see black and white and grey images of people.I can close my eyes and tell this way too.I have seen dead people they are transparent.I wake up all the time every time when they visit me during my spirit said how does she do that.Everytime I visit her she automatically wakes up.I had 3 fly up to my face.I don't concider them ghosts,they are spirits we all are.I consider myself a very open person and very well rounded.I believe in everything.I can communicate with animals.I can tell what my fish are saying.I have 3 very special pets that came into my life,all of them are but these 3 it is just awesome how they have come into my life.The first one Cleo she is a cat and I said as I was pulling up to the store that I wanted a cat like the one I have at home and it has to be female,tri colored.There she was and it was her and 1 other cat.The other one was all white with a racoon tail.I have never seen a cat like that before.I wanted to take her too but couldn't due to apt.Manager.The other one Max,dog super smart.I went to the SPCA and he was a tiny puppy only 12 weeks old.He was in there with 5 others.Three on one side just sat there and the other 2 were on the other side of the gate and just sat there.Max was ligned up to the gate door and came right to me.The others just sat there.I never saw puppies just sit there.He isextremely smart.He gets tangled up outside on his lead and gets undone.he would put his paw on my shoulder when he was a puppy at 6 months old,not trained.He gets me things what ever I ask for.No training.Pan my other dog I didn't have any money and in their establishment they had a picture of Jesus Christ and I just couldn't put him down.The lady was asking for $25.00 and she gave him to me.I turned on the faucet in our bathroom and it said Jesus was going to visit me.Also I went to the bathroom and I feced out a cross with what looked like to me Jesus Christ.I didn't have a camera and quite honest I was in shock.I was having bowel problems and I believe he came to me through the holy Spirit to heal me.I get very sick around evilness or cruel and mean people.I don't have any children but the thought of being pregnant sickens me.I am sympathetic to others and can sense their feelings.I have been told that a bunch of angels are around and protecting and helping me.I can also start directly into the sun without blinking my eyes,they are fully open.


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