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Name: polki1234
Location: in the world that i was born
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 14 Nov 2009

Membership: Contributor

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In the darkest of times when our fear settles in

We sit and weep feeling our sin

We pray for light to come shining through

We sit in hope not knowing what to do

When the darkness thickens and our breathe grows thin

We try to find courage within

But as the darkness sets and our visions go

The light never shining so

I say these words in hope you hear

That within the dark light shall appear

In the smallest of places it will shine bright

Keep your faith and you will break free from night

Standing tall against the world

Bearing the weight of others helping out when the time appears

But crying deep inside

We stand tall and we protect

Yet deep inside we need the help

But due to our thoughts we keep it quiet

Living life a lie

We say we're strong

We say we're ok

But what we really say is a lie

For we stand tall against the world

But deep inside we die

Clouds in the bright sky

Lying in the grass time flying by

Feeling at ease within the nature

Away from stress and human behaviour

Feeling at ease within this place

Free from the world and its days

Away from the pain people cause

Here in this place I????????????????????????????????m free

Here in this place i can lie and see

Watching the world slowly die

The clouds turning grey in skies

I sit ere and wish too think

Of how the earth used to be

With green green grass

And the bluest of skies

I sit here and think its nearly time to die

Oh my angel how i love you

And will do anything for you

Just to hold you close to hold you near

Be able to run my fingers through your hair

Although we talk but never see

One day it shall be you and me

And on the day i see your face

I know my heart will pound and race

But until then these talks will do

Until i am truly able to be with you

Sun shining through the open window

The smell of flowers on the breeze

As i lie in bed slowly stirring

Drifting away from my dreams

A new day starting with the sun so bright

Lying in bed still stirring to life

As the sun slowly rises heating the ground

Oh the beauty of nature with its silent sound

Streams still flowing, sparkling in the light

The sounds of cars in the traffic rush

People to busy to stop and look

If only they took the time to see

To free themselves from work

So as the day goes on

And people rush

I walk through nature at ease and peace

As you rush and work in your jobs so busy

Beating of the drums in this darkened place

No light, no heat i feel no space

In the regions of my mind where i wait

Listening to the drums beat my heart rate

As the time ticks by and the beating slows

Alone in my mind where no one goes

It's been so long the drums now faint

But alone in my mind feeling great

I know my time is almost through

I know your there, i sense you

As the beating grows fainter still

I????????????????????????????????m now holding on through sheer will

People think I????????????????????????????????m already gone

But the beating of drums goes on and on

How much time has passed i do not know

But I????????????????????????????????ve sensed you there all this time though

I know the drums wont beat much longer

And everyday they grow weaker and weaker

I????????????????????????????????ve decided now it's time to go

And for you who sits there your love i know

So as I let my drum beats die

Always know I????????????????????????????????m with you so no need to cry


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