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Name: raul123
Last Seen: Fri, 18 Sep 2015

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ok i deleted this lenghty stuff i wrote about my situation and myself and about the dork moderator i had a runin. im still fighting with sleep and resting and few other issues. im doing my best to over come them. meanwhile there is something else to hold you over if you care to read my profile or visit it. i may lose my profile over this but i dont care. i cant post in forums or send out messages anyways so i have nothing to lose.

this here is the list of losers nerds and dorks in this site.

currently it has one person on the list but this list might crow.

dork nerd and a loser 1. Brysing

i think he is a deucebag and should not be a mod couse he abuses hes modship . he is unwilling to see the situation trough other peoples perspective and thinks he can say and do whatever he wants to even when you say to him you dont care about hes input and dont want it. he also tryed to take me out of context and make me look like a deuce when i wasnt one. he is also mostly to blame to have my last thread removed and my forum postings revoked. so hope you enjoy being in my list of nerds dorks and losers. lets all hope that list doesnt grow.

other dork 2 . osun . is a scammer nouff sayd.

now something diffrent. list of cool people.

and short explanation why they are in the list.

1. suelearning. a great mod . doesnt but you down like

Brysing . sue seems to be cool and helpfull mod and person and is probably willing to walk in other peoples shoes.

2. rahulguar. cool person and helpfull and nice to talk to and was willing to try to help me. he is not in this list only couse he was willing to help but he is cool and nice person in general. not a dork and a loser.

3. harry13 seems to be cool and nice and tryed to help me with ym current issue.

4. sergioc. cool helpful person . helped with me with alot of things and gave me alot of spells and rituals to try.

5. earthbear cool and helpful person and nice person as well.

6. simple1000 good and helpful person. also nice person

7. kindredspirit. had a cools site and was helpfull and nice and great person.

plus bunch of other people who were down to earth and not deucy like Brysing and gave me good advice on what to do with my issue.

sorry if there is someone who i forget

so that is it. also will hope to report good news as soon as possible as soon as they come. that is all.

final note dont turn to Brysing he isnt helpfull and is deuce dorn nerd and a loser with nothing going for him and thatswhy he tryes to have powertrip in here. thats all da daa. NOTE SORRY IF IM NOT REPLYNG MESSAGES . I CANT DO IT COUSE MY PREMISSION TO POST FORUMS IS REVOKED AND WHEN I TRY TO RESPOND MESSAGES THEN IT SAYS MY MESSAGE LIMIT IS FULL. THATS WHY IM NOT RESPONDING MESSAGES. IM NOT DOING IT SIMPLY COUSE I CANT DO IT. SORRY


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