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Name: Shadow_Orix
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Attention If any Messages without a point to them are sent to this account, they will be deleted with no Reply. This includes messages saying ''hi,'' or ''how are you.'' i am very busy, and haven't the time for such small talk, I apologize. I am Back now, as a new person. I had my entire world knocked down around me just recently. And now I am on my Rise again. I hold much power, and I know damn well what I can do with it, as do those close to me. With this power, I shall restore peace to my Loved ones and I. They know who they are;) I am a very different person in many respects to what you would call your average friend. I had many strange gifts at a young age, such as the ability of levitating objects, and telekinesis, in turn drawing me into the occult world at such a young age. I was raised a Prodigy, Walking and talking fluent sentences at a year and eight months. My Parents could not believe their eyes, when I began reading full books at four years old. I am the God of Air and Shadow, And this life is one of many that of which I have lived. Every life I am offered new opportunities and seeds to cherish and grow, of which I shall become in the end. In this life I have practiced magick and been involved with the occult for nearly 13 years. I know many secrets, and I am always there for anyone who needs help...just ask. I specialize and excell in Realm Travel, Crystal Magick, Death magick, Curses of all sorts, Elemental Magick, Ancient Race Magick, Nightmare Spinning, Nocturnal Magick, Abysmal Magick, and Offensive/Defensive Magick, Necromancy, Druidic Magicks, etc. I also work very well with herbs and Often make my own Tinctures, Teas, Salves, and other herbal Remedies. My Love is NaKira, so back off me ladies, and off her guys. She has saved me from so much in this life, and I owe her the World. I have spent countless lives to find her, over and over again, and I ask only once that you leave us in peace. My Children, Nefemaryn, Kelfar, and Aeresi are my world. To target them, is to target me, and to be destroyed. I do not tolerate those who are a bother to my Family. Only Warning, use it well. Better yet, Call it some advice;) I am a born warrior and fighter, specializing in many forms of martial arts and close quarters weapons combat. My prefered weapons are Dual Scimitars or Saber and Dagger, though I work well with almost anything but Axes. As far as martial arts, I prefer the use of Shaolin and Tibetan Monk practices, But I utilize more martial arts than I can list here. As many have asked, Yes I am the original Lord, Founder, and Leader of the Worldwide Elemental Retribution Clan. We currently have just above 22,000 members, and I could never have asked for a better group of Friends and Family to work by my side:) For Legal reasons and other unexplainable reasoning, I will post no more information of my Clan at this time, If you wish to know, PM me. With the Grace of the Cold Breeze across a Shadowed Field, I bid you farewell now. ~Shadow


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