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Location: caught between tomorrow and yesterday
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Sep 2010

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Im 22, I Am One Who Belives In Natures Laws, And I Just Wanna Be Free. Nature's Free Do To Her Thing, Everything Is One If You Know What I Mean. I Have Another Version Of Life Lived, A Different Set Of Meanings, Another Way Of Thinking. Im A Solitary Practitioner But I Enjoy Chating About The Subject.

We in bloom, many thoughts rearranging

pollen's everywhere, that's the reason that we're changing

Flourish in the rise of the new times

Taking lives, nobody survives

You got your hatchet, throw it in the sky

Five pedals appear right before your eyes

So don't get attatched to your head on your neck

Cause I'll disconnect, Dark Lotus in effect

Rise out the water for the first worst nightmare

Lotus pedals bloom and take shapes off in the night air

Here we got the wicked to share and didn't nobody care

Til they see the shadow creeping, now they all scared

Gone but not forgotten, in the dark they leave us rotting

Dark Lotus return, the reason is the word

The season for the sheperd is now to lead the herd

Flourishing underneath the rays of the moon

The winds have changed about the rains that bloom

Cross rise up from the swamp seed, weed, and moss

The time has come, our return is evident

Straight outta Hell's hole or Heaven-sent

We in bloom, the haunting of the flower

Throw your DL's high and feel power

Metamorphosise for most change

I survive in the dark with no rain

Chemical imbalance embedded inside of my brain

And all I can think of is how I continue to strain

A black rose is the sign of your death

But the sight of the Lotus brings death to the rest

Coming up through the ground like a corpse

But I'm not a corpse, of course, I'm a Lotus in full bloom

Pedals made up of botics that shoot through the dirt

To regenerate in sunlight and flourish to bring doom

Upon the suspected affection it grows slow

In the depths of stagnant water down below

Somewhere where the lights don't shine at all

We await in a watery tomb for them to call

Lotus rise

Deserts are freezing, so we know that it's time Lotus rise

The hills are burning, so we know that it's time Lotus rise

The water's rising, so we know that it's time Lotus rise

The crops are dying, so we know that it's time Lotus rise

Call upon your gods

Beg for them to help you

Call upon your gods

Religion has left you

Got a final hour

Cross the final line

Life will end

But there is no end to time


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