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Name: Elentari
Location: In the winds of infinity
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 18 Dec 2011

Membership: Contributor

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After 5 years it is time to finally change the bio stats. It have been interesting in this few years. I had my up`s and downs. Most interesting were the firs couple of years on this site. That old time there were practicioners with skills and real knowledge. But when i joined the emo and fluff community started to join more and more. And slowly, like every big things, it consumed all. Old skilled people gone, young teens without guidance or worse even, misguidance have stayed. Preaching stuffs that are unimportant. More over people thrived on getting positions of power so they can screw other people. Typical American. Yea, perhaps you didn`t realise that there are other members of this planet here on this site. Now look what stayed. Dust and ashes. And the most sorrowing thing is that there are more of new children who are talented and need apropriate guidance but got mislead by other emos and power hungry individuals. This community went down like everything else. Yes it was fun being here for 5 years and seeing the play but now its time for curtains to fall. I wont say goodbye because all my friends and people I called friends or new are gone or changed so much that u can`t recognise them anymore. It`s a time to close this chapter down and go forth. I wont miss you like you wont miss me. The important ones will stay with me becouse they helped shape me when I was a young wax, still hot and soft to weld. I need to say thank you for whoever gagged me. Thank you for not even telling me anything and just shuting me down when I sow a friend I havent for few years. Thank you for not being able to see or hear that friend in this life ever again. I know you dont break a sweat. why would you? But know that I dont hold a grudge. You punishment will be set by your own actions. And I will be there when your chapter ends to see in front rows whats your punishment is gonna be if u dont realise your life`s lessons. I just want to say one more thing. Thank you to this site. It was awesome and nice meeting specific individuals here. With that said, farewell.


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