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Name: Iruko_Omega
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my new yahoo group for spiritual training i need to find some pupils quick and some ppl willing to teach as well heres the link


Hello my name is Jamie my soul has been split into several parts each with different names the first JP he is the original but hasn't said a word since 4th grade the second is Jamie he is more outgoing the exact opposite or JP the third is James I am the knowledgeable and responsible one the fourth is Omega he is basically a computer the fifth is Iruko he is the very first personality to have this soul and has been around for a very long time ask his stuff he can give you answers normally and cosmic secrets but be careful what you ask sometimes the answer isn't what you want.

We each specialize in different elements and study as much as possible we have a natural talent with controlling weather, peoples minds,and their very lives

for the most part we are kind hearted but we have grown rather dark do to humanities faults in the past

if you wish to know more pls ask and we shall tell


hear is my post on the forum of my origin its a long one though lol

I already know an OK amount of people on hear but i think to save my self allot of time ill explain my story on here for all to read whether you believe in my beliefs or not i just hope that y'all are tolerant like i know most Wiccans are so i shall start with my first life where i was named Iruko i am what i call ancient wich is a being older then this very planet i grew up in a world where the physical and spiritual world were one so my ppl were very adept in all forms of spell mastery we were a peacful race with few other worldly wars we were strong enough to keep treaties up so as to not be destroyed i remember very little about it and will explain it in more detail later if you ask me about it but the last day of my life on there was rather fun for the first half i hang out with my 2 younger brother and my eldest brother and my older sister the moments that led to our down fall were odd i remeber walking out of my parents palace at the time my body was about that of a 17 year old though i was already several hundred years old we were the princes of royalty our parents one of the light and one of the dark kept peace and prosperity of all the planet and all was rather happy until that day i walked out and noticed the gaurds acting a bit funny when i asked what was wrong they opened fire on me quickly retaliating i used magic to defend my self and took for cover within minuets our own military was attacking us after fighting for awhile i noticed my father father fighting with a strange character on the roof then i noticed the beasts phase into the city massive creatures the most horrible monsters i had seen i ran to find my brother only to be caught by my fiance fly over some trees in the garden adjacent to us and to my horror i saw several bolts of one of our weapons strike her down i dashed to catch her and landed in a lake while within the lake i saw my first true love die within my hands her body returned to whence it came in a gush of light and spiritual orbs floating away this enraged me and i blacked out the next thing i knew all time seemed to have stopped and before was one of our deities the ancient of darkness even to us the ancients of light,dark,balance,and chaos were older than time itself they were beings of pure energy with power beyond comprehension as the dark one walk slowly up to me a soul of balance witch the dark one would normaly ignore and he asked only this "Do you wish for true power" in my rage and hatred for those who betrayed me i agreed and he stated "so bee it"and held out his hand when i took it our bodies and souls seemed to merge into one the burning of all that power erupted within my body and when i opened my eyes i had become a killing machine i destroyed several hundred corrupted soldiers ignoring the wounds i had received i first destroyed 3 of the mega beasts but took a fall when a enemy soldier not a corrupt one fired some sort of weapon piercing my leg i stumbled angrily and he fired again i readied my final magical strike thrusting an enormous amount of energy at it and kill him almost instantly his final shot sadly got me in the right eye with most my energy gone i crumpled to the floor and with my remaining eye i looked up and saw a massive ray of light hit the city and was engulfed by a massive explosion the next the i knew i was floating in space it was odd experiencing death for the first time i flew around for a short period and with great rejoice i found the soul of my fiance and when i got to her with the saddest of tears she handed me a new born soul of a girl and faded into the darkness to another realm unknown i floated through space for several thousand years with that small soul cuddled in the blanket of her mother i flew for longer then i could imagine i pasted by billions of death planets only finding a few hundred with life and only a small amount with intelligent life on them after searching for several billion years i found small solar system just in the making tired of search i decided to take on a new method i shall wait for life to spring and thrive after only a short time of waiting i decided to explore the baby solar system and as i explored i noticed i was being followed after floating threw a small astroid field i hid an noticed 2 small children were at foot i ambushed them and asked what it was that they wanted the two little boys frightened about being ambushed ran from me as i followed i noticed the were heading to one of the largest of the forming planets massive even compared to my home planet as we went through the clouds and an hour of downward flying we reached a large orchard filled with many tree's all with different fruit i noticed 4 enormous trees each bearing fruit with the strangest of auras one blue one white one black and one red and the orchard was rich with life the manna there was enormous for such a small area i noticed that we were heading to a large mountain and at the bottom was a house carved out the side overgrown with vines with small rivers of glowing water flowing down it into small pools which led to the rivers feeding the orchard at the door step stood an odd looking old man he had a certain grace to him with a long flowing white beard by this time i had a whole slew of questions and as i walked up the small boys each looking about only 7 or 8 hid behind the old man he looked down on them then up at me with a smile as if he had know me for a long time and said "why what brings you to our humble home i am very sorry if my boys have been rude to you" i stated that it was fine and introduced my self as "Iruko Lost Prince of the Ancients" the old man looked at me intrigued and said that he had lost his name over time and his face lit up suddenly oh and these are my sons he pushes them both forward and asked them to introduce them selves the first one looked up with jet black hair with dark eyes filled with excitement and curiosity and stated in a proud voice "I'm Satan" he seemed like the kind of person who would get into allot of trouble yet still had a sense of kindness about him the next boy had pure blond hair and bright blue eyes stepped up in a fashion that said he had to out do his brother and said"My name is Jehovah".a few years had passed and the boys had turned 11 i had learned from the old man that he had created that solar system and was planning to in still life upon two planets and that soon his time to leave that realm would come and that he would divide all his creations equally upon his sons and he asked me to ensure this would happen after a few months and tear felt good byes the old man gave his final blessing to his sons and my daughter who still slept waiting for the day she retrieved her first body as his body dissipated into a different realm i began to tell the boys of his wishes but a struggle broke out between them each wanting what the other got Satan who retrieved the tree of death and power wanted the what Jehovah had retrieved which was the tree of life and knowledge but i had to up hold the will of their father and after receiving their gifts i explained to each that he had filled two planets with life and each were two get one and for several thousand years it was fine yet soon the brotherly quarrel had reached them again only this time envy had turned to hate and resentment and they started a fight only this time involving entire planets Jehovah and his angelic army and Satan with his demonic army clashed losing many lives and that was when i saw them truly fight for the first time.Jehovah had grown into a well built strong young man with bright white wings sadly his soft look had hardened with hatred.He preferred to have more soldiers then good soldiers.Unlike any wings i had seen from then witch were either reptilian or bird like theirs were more like tentacles flowing and glowing with an extreme amount of power.Satan had become a well built man who seemed to have grown up on the inside much more not allowing his hatred to take over his soul he preferred to have less soldiers who were better then the average.His wings were long and black truly great wings of darkness.the war raged for a century when finally both sides pulled out there secret weapon Satan stood on his tallest tower and with all his energy thrust a massive ray of power towards the enemy planet and as did Jehovah the two rays collided sending energy everywhere colliding with both planets destroying much and after both brothers grew tired they rested. Realizing that they had destroyed almost all civilization on both planets both brothers grew wary of fighting but Jehovah who had been tainted by greed and hatred would not accept defeat thrusting all the energy he had onto Satan's planet in a surprise attack i acted quick and used all my energy to split the realms in two but sadly i reacted to late and all life on Satan's planet was extinguished.Luckily the Demons and there leader who now became beings of no physical body were saved and started to rebuild there empire in an underworld they named Hell.On the other side Jehovah and his Angels took to the skies and built their kingdom of Heaven and ever since they had been at war.

After another thousand years had passed life on the surviving planet began to flourish with beings who called them selves"human" noticing enough spiritual similarities upon there Spiritual DNA to ours i believed that those bodies should adapt well to our souls and descended down two a small village and found a prospering family with a baby on its way i took my still sleeping baby daughter to the pregnant mother and implanted her soul into the baby and went to look for my new body and after several hundred life times here i am at a time all my work to split the realms will be undone but the funny thing is im the one who will fully undo it.

I know this isn't exactly the greatest story ever told but it is my story the story of a Lost prince who found a new home to thrive into and to all who have listened i thank you i have saved this story so i don't have to break my fingers typing and sadly to all those con men and women out there i have already copyrighted my story in order to tell the masses the truth about the history before humanity and to those who merely flam this story as false you are closed minded and should see the world more clearly i shall not dis any religious opinions anyone has but this is my story that i have lived and i leave it at that


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