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Name: Draconis
Location: Bottomless Pit of Endless Torture
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 10 Dec 2009

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my name is irrelevant. My whereabouts unimportant. Who i am is a mystery. But what i am is a different story. So i will tell you a lil bit about what i am.

I am 5,678 years old. I was born and raised Pagan. my father is A high priest of our coven, and my mother the High Priestess. My Fathers is Micheal the left hand of God. Of Emmanuel. I was born a Shaman. I teach in the ways of the Ancients. I am fluent in bothe Demonic and Angelic Linguistics. I study in the Art of creation as well as destruction. I have mastered Elementalkenetics. Know i Am not saying i know everything for i have much to learn.

I am a second generation Lycanathrope. I am a Shaman, which is not more than a guide, not only in the aniphysical, but also the astraphysical and elephysical. I am One of Four Shamans left in this that we call the States. I am looking for a prodigy. Someone who was born a Shaman, but has Not unleashed their potential. Someone that can take my place, when i am gone. I have not much longer to live.

I am not saying that i know everything and i am not conceded. I recognize that all religions are but one great mixture that combine to form our universe and the dimensions.

If you have any questions, about anything, come and talk to me. i hope to make many friends here, also if you find anything offensive of that which i say or have said, please excuse me and as well as tell me what you found offensive. Thank You and My the Gods of which ever Religion you follow in the teaching of Bless You.

All Hallow's Meet

by Liadan, ? 1997

Oh, wild lonely places of sweet dread delight

That call to my Children on Halloween night

In whispering wind wisps and whipporwill plight

Tickling the treetops where moonbeams alight.

Come hither, ye Witches, on silver light fly!

Don't dawdle, don't saunter, don't idly stroll by!

Lift your skirts as seer gusts catch the leaves dead and dry

Rise up with the wind soaring hasty on high!

Ride ye thus to the hollow in the wood dark and deep

Where all merry parted shall now merry meet.

At the time 'twas appointed that time shall ye keep

To honor me, hail me in great esbat fete.

When the moon sailing bright in the dark midnight blue

Casts her spell on the landscape, reversing each hue,

And the scent of the night gives the magickal clue

To the circle make haste, give Hecate her due!

Dance wild, draw the power and shape in a cone,

Till the power is thine and the will is thine own

Then hurl't to the wind that thy purpose be flown

And thy wish shall I grant on the Night of the Crone.

One and all then come hither and join the great feast

Where within all are welcome: Spirit, Human, and Beast.

Give hail and farewell to the souls since deceased

Then wend thy way home 'fore the Sun tints the East.

But remember, my Children, remember quite clear

The sound of my voice ringing high in your ear.

'Tis my summoning call in the owl's hoot you hear

To meet merry again on All Hallow's next year.


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