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Name: xJulia
Location: Nederland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 23 Nov 2008

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Now ill type a lot of stuff about myself which you most likely wont read...

I'm Thais Julia, just a kid with high hopes and little expectations, but what im still young right?

Lets start off with my life.

I was brought into this "Thing" we call earth on March 2th 1992. Raised in Nederland, Amsterdam (woohoo).

Then when I was 12 i moved to the hick town of Den Haag.

Only kidding Brigitte, please don't kill me.

Yeah you gotta get to know me and I'm not so bad,

although 90% of what i say is sarcasm,

ppl need to learn not to take me serious, trust me, you will know if im serious. I'm a sophomore in high school. I'm trying to make the best of everything.

These 4 years of high school will be remembered. I have got great friends. The type of friends you wish you had. Finally playing varsity this year in Volleyball. its the only sport i play. i'm not very good at it but its fun xD.

I have been through a lot of Things in my life. But i'm probably one of the most chill people you will meet. It will take a lot to piss me off.

i haven't had a Boyfriend in so long i can't even remember what it's like...

I'm waiting for a Boy that no matter what i do. he thinks i'm great. Only thing i could do to screw it up with him is something unfaithful. That Boy that laughs at all my stupid jokes and that i can hold in my arms as long as i want. The one that i'm excited to see every day. The one that makes my day when i see him. Yeah i'm waiting for him. I'll be waiting forever...




My mom. Gilsa torres Xavier. You have no idea what she means to me and i can't even put it into words. We grew up together. She was young when she had me. Nobody knows me better than she does. She is my best friend. She is the reason my life has meaning. She is my other half. We are like best friends and we have fun together and joke around. Call it weird all you want but nothing else matters as much to me as her and my Brother. Nothing ever will.




My grandma. Derocilla Zagnoli. Loved her with all my heart. Never will there be another like her... never. she was a great person and thought only of others instead of herself. Even in poverty she spent all she had on me. Growing up i never had a dad in my life, just my mom and her. So it was like i had 2 moms. She was a second mom to me. Because her son died i was just like a son to her. When she died it was like losing a mom. I miss her so much, but for some weird reason, it seems like she never left... she had an unexpected death and sometimes i wish i would have treated her better. but deep down im sure she knew i loved her and i know she loved me.

Thats about it, now go get some fresh air.


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