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Name: NaKira
Location: Elemental Plain
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 05 Sep 2009

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I am known as Vampyre Lady NaKira Orix. I am the Leader of the Air Legion in the Elemental Retribution Clan& one of the most trusted wiht secrets.I have been involved in magick since i was a child but stopped because of many reasons not under my control i restarted my magickal skills this year.I ma an occultist and i research magickal history and such with Orix who is my teacher,leader,lover,best friend ect. I practice in elemental magick& here and there in other magickssuch as healing-psychic-vampire-ect i do not do black magick under any sercumstances.. i am part indian and i also participate in some indian magick though i do not know much about it.I am a what i am.Music rules my life its my drug im addicted.My friends are very important and if u hurt them ill kill you they are my mortal family and no one hurts them and if they do they will suffer the consiquences of angering me

My clan is the Elemental Retribution Clan which is runned by Lord sphaene/shadow Orix. I am 1 of 4 so to be 5 vampyres on the ruling council... My legion is air. We one big happy"family" we fight for each other in needed be. Our loyaltys lay strong within our clan& to each other...

I live for the night and the cold i naturally adapt to the chilling cold so i am never cold. I am the lady of Air.

Im fairly articstic as you can see in my picture my make up designs. Im very creative and write an draw alot. I am very easy to talk to and i am very helpful in problems if you would like council.

I combat fight Im learning how to sword and dagger fight and later on a staff and bow which is useful in my clan. We have to be prepared for anythign and everything

I have no intentions of explaining my vampyre orgins to you unless asked first. Im a sang and psy o can feed off of both.. although i prefer energy for its is much easier to obtain than dear blood which i would prefer if it was possible and sometimes i can feed of certain elements..

MY Love is Shadow Orix so back off me guys, and off him ladies. We are very protective of each other. I will not tolerate any disrespect torwards me or him and he rules the same rule. My love is very great and i wont lose him ive been searching for centurys for him and atlast we are reunited..

I have My youngest daughter Aeresi Orix, my son Kalfar Orix i love them and no one will touch them.. Youve heard of a mothers fury well that is just a friendly gester compared to what i wil feel if you touch my beloved children!


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