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Name: impiroir
Location: centrailia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 25 Dec 2009

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im able to put my intioions over to bring then bear lagiaclly om my life. im a good judge of people, with an abousolut3 determination of the correctness of judgmeants. when i detemined about the inner worth of an individual, nothing they can do, however erratic or unreasonable orreprehensible, will shake my faith in them i undesrstand them from the out side in, and i am willing to let them and work out their own problems in their own way. i belive that"to understand all is to forgive all" and though i am harsh judge when i estimate a person to be fundamenatllly unsound, i am equally lenient when i know that the core of his/her being is sound. im tolerance is specific father universal, intellectuall rather then emotional, for i apply to to my intuitions a high degree of lodgic and common sense by which i can make them plausiable, both to myself and others. THis intergration of facts felt and facts known gives me a quiet self assure which rises from the working toghether of my mental and emotional natures, these are not genarlly found at variance with each other. I dont find myself doing by impulse things of which you disapprove, and though i may do things of what others disaprove i have a good reason of my own why im alright. My conscienence is a real force, but as i am tolarant of others i am torant of myself and i wont stray of the beatin track when. i do it calmly and without excitment- with a queit conviction that im acting accordindilly to some code or another, which i may have made up got the occasion, but which is very real and defintite to me But, by a large, i will lead an conventional, ordely, and understaning life. I have a keen sense of humor, laughing readily, which may not give an accure impression of my fundamentally serious nature .I am amuzued by life at the sam time im actually consious of its underlyining tragic implications. but this consciousness does not iterfere with my enjoyment. i have a private litany of faith, a sort of exculsive pholisifhy of my own, by witch we weave toghether apperant contradicitions into the intergrated vales by witvh i live and estimate life. this position is midly good im humorists and wits at the same oh im the empiror of dragons


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