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Name: Vilt
Location: Behind you
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 22 Dec 2014

Membership: Contributor

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-I'm a Rune Master. -My sword only belongs to Odin. -Having fun whenever I can. -Can't learn enough about runes -If your girlfriend/boyfriend left you, keep it of my wave. -I will cast spells for you only when I think it's amusing. -I don't do love spells because they are no fun. -Some say I'm kinda paranoid. -If you need offensive magick, I'm your man. -I won't judge... And if I do I have a damn good reason. -I love to hear more about your religion. -You don't need money to be happy. -My age is unnecessary to know. -Nine nights pierced, hanging in the Tree of life. -Snow makes me aggressive. -Kill yourself if you wish to die. -There is nothing wrong with a little bit of black magick to make some balance. -My element is Fire. -I'm a grunge-kid for ever. -I hate war and I really HATE the army. -2012 Finally change. -Clocks are unnecessary. -Cheap-bloody-zombie-movies are nice :). -Don't beg for anything, I might enjoy it. -If you hate me, I really don't care. -It's not hard for me to kill someone with magick (again). -I don't care about boundaries. -Please tell me if I'm wrong. -I can walk, can you? -My favourite taste is bitter. -I am not Wiccan. -Nothing is wrong with me. -If you put hexes on me you will get a unpleasant surprise. >:) -I don't care about your magick/religion rules at all. -If you are a narrow minded Christian I don't like you. -I'm addicted to sunlight. -I smell fear. -You don't like me when I'm hungry. -For all the idiots who tell "No you can't"... YES I CAN! -I hate Mondays. -'November Hotel' from 'Mad Season' is a very powerful track. -I am a very friendly person if I have to. -I am not scary (most of the time). -I countdown from 20 whole day long. -Keep in mind that I know what I'm doing and that I have lots of experience. -If the time comes, I will save your ass. -You are not alone. -If something is too cute, I WILL use my hammer. -I won't quit smoking. -I am not afraid to die. -You can't find justice, It'll find you! -November is the month of judgement. -Ansuz Laguz Uruz. -Send me a message when you feel like it. -I'm not complex, I'm simple. Still I know allot about complex stuff. ------------------ e-mail msn


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