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Name: Black_bird13
Location: traped in a cage, waiting to be saved
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 15 Apr 2010

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black hair, and dark brown eyes. and thats all you will ever know.

i am who i am, so shut the hell up and DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO CHANGE ME!!!

just so you know i am nice but if you do make me mad you better run for the hills

i can sence ghosts and i have some psychic abilities

i can also read tarot cards

-------@-----------my crappy poems------------@--------------------

Love is like a rose, at first it's beautiful and alive but over time it wilts and dies.

Why do people love if it only makes them cry?

Why do people love when they know it's going to die?

A Poem About How I See the World

People are dying every where and the world goes on like they

don't care

This world is filled with lies this world is filled with cries

I hope this cruel world dies along with the people who feed you lies

People lie people cry

And the ones who cry are the ones people just pass by

And they don't care if your about to die

The people that lie are the ones that make you cry

So i hope they are the ones that have to die

The ones with lies are the ones with syths

And because of them we can not try

So because of that we all die

Because we won't try

Just throw away your syths and throw away your lies

And day after day always try

So we won't have to die in a world of lies with our cries

@----%----- haha i love this song ^_^

I heard you driving in my car

Than at a frozen bar

And I claimed I didn't care for you

But you first got trapped inside my head

Over, and over again

You played yourself to death in me.

I'd thought I'd drop you easily

But that was not to be

You burrowed like a Summer Tic

So you invade my sleep

And confuse my dreams

Turn my nights to sleepless itch


Stuck on you, 'til the end of time

I'm too tired to fight your rhyme

Stuck on you, 'til the end of time

You've got me paralyzed.

Holding on the telephone

I hear your mid-range moan

You're everywhere inside my room

Even when I'm alone

I hear your, mellow drum

You're everywhere inside of me


Stuck on you, 'til the end of time

I'm too tired to fight your rhyme

Stuck on you, 'til the end of time

You've got trapped, I can't escape

Your incessant whine

When you beam it out all across the sky

No I can't escape

(stuck on you 'till the end of time)

your insipid rhyme

(I'm too tired to fight your rhyme)

When you shoot it deep

(stuck on you 'till the end of time)

Straight into my mind


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