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Name: emolove1
Birthday: Jun 29 2003
Location: you can find me sitting in a orb of light looking out on all of the living people or sitting at the bottom of a well waiting for it to rain and fill up the well so i can be free.
Last Seen: Tue, 16 Jan 2018

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i'm makayla, but i prefer max.

i'm emo, gender fluid, bisexual.

i was born a girl, but i identify as them/they/their.

i love 2 roleplay.

i'm a hereditary empath and psychic.

idk what my spirit animal is, i think its either a white wolf or a white fox, so if someone could help me find out what it is that would be great, thank you and blessed be.


all my splits.

tyler- voice in my head that tells me to kill myself. doesn't come out.

madeline- part that makes me cut, part of me thats weak, she shows the side of me that has been abandoned and abused.

nathan- the part of me that mad all the time and comes out whenever i'm mad but too scared to do anything.

rose- the part of me that is really sexual and comes out when i'm, well u know.

jackson- the insane part of me, the part that wants to kill people. he comes out when i'm really mad and nathan cant come out.

ana- the part of me that doesn't wanna eat and makes me feel fat whenever i do.

boy max- the boy version of me, gay, comes out whenever i feel like a guy.

girl max- the "bad" part of me. the part that gets me in trouble and doesn't care.

ivy- the jealous part of me. if she comes out she blows up at whoever i'm jealous of.


i'm taken by the best bf ever, he's not on here but no flirting, and if a person messes with me he will gladly kill you for me, he loves me and i love him and i will never leave him because he is the only person who actually understands me and excepts me for who i am.


i have found my purpose in life and its to help people with my abilities. if you are thinking of suicide please come to me and i will help you, i know what you are going through and i will help you i promise you that.


i wont do spells for people but i will help people find spells so just message me and i will do so. well thats all for nor, farewell and blessed be )O(


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