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Name: PaimonsQueen
Location: Scandinavia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 13 Dec 2017

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Member

Personal Bio

I'm recommending you to read my whole bio if you're interested to mail me.

I don't give out my real name, just call me Queen.

I hate overreacting dramatic people with their mental illness, always complaining day and night, just end your life if that's what you wish, nobody is in your way. People like this are biological waste.


Spiritual information

I am an | eclectic black witch | demonolatress | native american |

I have been studying the craft and spiritism/spiritualism for 6 years.

I have been practicing witchcraft for 4 years and I still pratice.

I follow the left hand path.

I work with demons but also an archangel who appears to be my guardian angel.

More information about what I practice and who I work with is written below.

My father's side are native americans (by DNA)

My mothe'rs side has been involved with witchcraft,

only the females were attached to it and never the males somehow.

I am in a coven outside Spells of Magic with my beloved girls,

but I am also a member of Natural Magick.

Zodiac: Virgo.

Spirit animals: | Cobra | Fox | Eagle | Owl |

I don't follow any specific religion, as I wrote I'm eclectic and not a sheep like most of you people.

I believe in logical and understanding things and by experience without any fluff.


Who I work with and what I practice
I work with: | King Paimon | Lucifer | King Belial ( Soon ) | Archangel Gabriel |
I am closest to King Paimon who is my patron demon and has been with me in my past lifes and since my birth, I love this King more than anything, he is also the very first demon I got drawn to. Committed myself to King Paimon 31/10-17.
Also committed to Lucifer 22/10-15.
I practice:
  • Hoodoo.
  • Curses and hexes.
  • Divination.
  • Demonolatry.
  • Invocation and Evocation.
  • Kitchen Witchery.
  • Sex magick.
  • Candle magick.
  • Blood magick, but I use all kind of DNA.
  • Sigil magick.
  • Nature magick, as some people call it " green magick.


Personal information
I am 16 years old but not as foolish as many.
I'm studying to become a psychologist.
I am taken by my boyfriend and by Vladimira who is the priestress of the coven I am in (outside SoM)
Vladimira is also my spiritual big sister, since we were sisters in our past lifes and we had a close relation.
I am also Agiel's spiritual little sister since we were also brother and sister in one of our past lifes.
I love these two creatures a lot, I'm lucky having them with me.
I am latina and persian by blood but born and raised in Sweden.
I love being at the gym.


I will not answer to mails like:

" Can we be friends? "
" How do I become a vampire/werewolf/mermaid etc." I advice you to get some professional help.
" I wan't to date/kiss you. "
" How do I cast spells? "
I will ofcourse give adivce and tips, even push you so you can go forward in your path and try to help you by giving you any kind of information/experience etc.
But casting spells for you and giving you any spiritual reading? Hahah, never.
I love having spiritual/magickal conservations.
Don't be afraid to mail me.


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