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Say this " alilujah as much as sand my lord alilujah as much as angels you made , alilujah as much as every thing was and wasnt ".... the secret is to say this " alilujah as much as my god you make some thing be " example : " alilujah as much as you make jesus visits me daily before he comes down in the promise " or any thing make your mind wider and think better ..... i made the way my self and its working in all ways , i used it to set all humans of hell by giving the god enough goodnesses to get them out of hell and washes all their mistakes that cant be erased even if they spent 1000 years adoring god without stoppage , i used it to gain msny things in life and forbid other life harm on me amd on who i love ....






Important ........





For releasing magic and stopping it use this hear it or operate it









Ok my lol , the god hears all things in all times but some times he dont responde inspite of he gives all you ask him with no return since he wants to give you some thing else some thing more important , you are bad or you should adore him and do the right way some people the god gives them without they ask as if he like to have gold he already finds it in the same day or if some one sick and he wants him to heal he just does that , and god can make a physical harm to whom he is angry of if some one pissed the guy off in the same time also you can read stories of such guys as solemen he asked the god to rule every creatures the god already did that to hom he controlled djinn and lions he also controlled sea water winds and alot ..... some times we need some thing else to let the god listens to us or does us the thing we ask since he doesnt of our bad things we do at least beeing away of him since he created us for some thing for a secret and that secret is adoration he made us ugly poor and sick also alot of needs so that we come back to him since its the reason of existance therefore we need some thing else as some times are important to the god and we may have a chance to have what we want of him as the friday day after noon and the daily hour the last one before dawn the last hour of night the god goes down to the minimum sky or heavin and say are there any one asks me to give him are there any one asks me for mistakes to forgive him .... then he goes up to his throan wich the 7 heavins are as coin to the chair of god and the chair is as a ring in a desert to the throan and its of a red stone , other times we need to do some thing as wear humble clothes when ask and cry for mistakes we made , or you should give money or food to poor people then ask the god at that time ....









Infact there are alot of gods and all of them are fake but one and he is the one who made every thing and every thing in life refers to his existance there is an old way to contact him among all those fake gods without missing him and its to ask him without you know him and adore him without you know him you dont adore any thing alse as you say lord forgive me you dont mean any one in your self but you think you talk to the real one who listens to you in the time you adore him inspite of you dont know him and you dont adore the imagonation but the one who you adore

Ok lol , read my bio and use the first article and dont direct it to any god but direct it to the real god who you dont know among gods since if your god was fake then it would go to the real and if it was real if would go to him , name the god as lord and say alilujah my lord as much as you garant me that thing , means you adored god the real one who ever he was and the amount of adoration is equal to the number of goodnesses in return to make the wish comes true by the god him self as an exchange between you and the real god since we are free to use our goodnesses we made in things we want if it was enough to make it true and be ware dont mean any god in the adoration himself but mean the real one who u dont know even if it was the cow ok dont specify since if you did then the missed real god will be angry on you and harm you since you adored a thing less than him

He dont need go spread his love my lol and dont care of adoration he wants you to survive this life test and dont enter hell its the only thing he wish people to do since he wont change us he would see what would we do if we passed it he would give endless graces and lusts but if we failed he would give an endless pain the way you succede is to adore him and dont adore any other god not real since he gets mad on that and never forgives on it so know what to do and go to check the bio out

the secret of happiness is sadness

long time sadness harms heart

blindness is the secret of sight

Life is the secret of white and black

Livings aims to perfection all and the secret of the opposite is aiming to be nothing or into things as distortion so its a conflict between white and black between being perfect and coming back to iotas

Life is the spirit of sadness...

I wished to be the king of all earth .... But i failed...

im the greatest teacher in the universe in all times

some of them steal my science ..... im not teaching now but a bit by seeing me or other things ....

One day i found my soul is cheap enough to sell

I saw the devil he offered me gold beauty fame and such things

I didnt see that that thing would matter , if one day i lost some one i love for bucks i didnt have what would that gold matter any more ?

I thought about the god he would fill hell of humans so i made the deal with god to sell my soul to enter hell and get the others out of hell .








My favourate movie is the message :








My favorite song is winter sonata :





I created those talismans 19 sept 2017 7pm hope you find the benifits of them i didnt sell them since all gold on earth wont be a cost for one of them therefore i gave them for free .

this talisman is for healing cancer :




make a square devide it by lines into 9 squares by four lines , start from the top left square to the right after finish the raw start new one from left to right again , then write around the square from out after finish filling squares this number on the four sides :


perfume it smoke it by incense then carry it

its possible to drink its water after writing it by a drinkable ink just like juice or any thing on a clean paper then soak it in a water then drink the water . it works from a day to 7 days .

the talisman of magic to be a great magician in a short time with great knowledge in magic with great blessings and to be one of the stars in magic among magicians in a short time without spending your life in making skills :




do as the first talisman above the do the same after finish to write this number around it on all 4 sides :


then do as told above after finish

The undertaker talisman no commitments its fo all powers and things you seek :




Do as the first one above then soround it by :


On 4 sides as above the first the do the same after finish .

The wishes talisman for every thing in mind and all magical paths , skills and practices are in the function of this talismans with all spells of magic this precious talisman and sacred form has the secret of the precious names those are hiden of creatures for their higher stage had been hidden of all creatures and some are shown :




The soround number is


Do as the first talisman above

The talisman of powers absorbers it generates a copy of the power of the person you write his name and gain his knowledge , abilities and secrets this sacred form has the secret of jesus of reliving deads and the secret of mosis's stick when tore the sea into 2 shares each one as the giant hill , it also contains the secret of solemn of controlling creatures and talking to them and the bless of sheeth the good son of adam who burried his dad adam who asked the god to give the son who burries him along life , for example ill put jesus as the person to absorb the copy of his powers :






The sorounding number on sides of square is :


Do as the first talisman above ...


You can put any name just like jesuses uncle mosis , meryam , adam , noah , idrease , israel , sheeth , sam , ham , japhith , ibraham , salih , ismael , isaac or a family , a city , a village , a country , a nation , an impire , devil , humans , spirits or djinn , usa , china , russia and angels ; instead of jesus write usa old nation the red indians its accepted to write a sentence .

the god gave jesus super abilities that we didnt hear in alot of humans but in a small fraction of special ones those abilities are gift of the god who gave us hearing and seeing those are more important and bigger than any gift he gave any human he gave jesus abilities of healing sick people or disabled just like blind and albinnos those abilities the god would give them to the person who carries the talisman also his knowledge and precious secrets you should know that those gifts arent magical the are real given by god since god can give what he wants so :

This talisman will copy the powers , abilities , knowledge and secrets of jesus to the person carrying it

Extra people :

- virtual man 1 : mr infinity knowledge . He has unlimmitted knowledge .

- virtual man 2 : mr infinity abilities . He has unlimmitted abilities .

- virtual man 3 : mr infinity powers . He has unlimmitted powers .

- virtual man 3 : mr infinity beauty .

- virtual man 4 : mr infinity psychology .

- virtual man 5 : mr infinity ultraabilities .

- virtual man 3 : mr infinity gifts .

- virtual man 6 : mr infinity secrets .

- virtual man 7 : mr infinity mercy .

- virtual man 8 : mr infinity patience .

- virtual man 9 : mr infinity wisdom .

So write for example mr infinity mercy instead if jesus .

warning it wont work for evil people dont fall in it or depend on it . but if you are evil it may serve you in good things if you intended to use it in good things that doesnt contribute in evil .





About my bio few words to say

Its the same , leaving that or stay

Life is passing all , leaving grey

Colors have left , to none we say

The thing we should , havint pay

To make it last more or even stay

Magic moves towards we cant say

No solving or dealing to hide that grey

To make it basic to colors as it should play

People have died before they stay

As a result to see without any may

The final moment is insight as i say

Its now before that , death after grey

That made its causes that made its grey

Im nothing or the riehmen in that no say

As my dead friend in life , shared me away

Sierra wilson the one that is in no way

How to move in that built of death array

Made of our sleeping in the middle of the way

The rabit was fast but in green chose to stay

Slept for thousands of years if really we say

Im in the terminal in this time i say

After computer is invented , years of the day

When people are crazy to leave every day

The ancients work on to give in a golden tray

A mid ager when i was going to say

No science no gold no thing you say

In that age my reader in end of that way

Who cares who sees or look to that grey

Is it what we made or forgot what to say

Im here with you a contributer in that day

This is my bio and all you need me to say .

By me .

the death plan in iraq death zone is varied with all kinds of atraction, in 2003 usa with all earth gathered to go to iraq for oil and sand to get killed by hundreds of thousands , few years later isis came to iraq sothat all muslims in earth join iraq who didnt join in 2003 especially arab land, so that this war spectrum covers the people havint been covered by 2003 war spectrum ,

for others death is different they are killed with respect to religion based on anti religion squads created in origins to

100s of years ago to work now to kill people on another religion to make sure that they go to hell after death , justlike democracy and systems of ruling that unbelieves the sacred book and god , those squads deffends that systems against systems defined by god to die to hell , other ways created in religion start times just like the parts of each religions jews 71 ways christians 72 ways and islam 73 ways im on the sunna way of islam so tje killed people onthe wrong ways are to hell and so on .

I think that there is a god created all things we see and all livings we communicate with , that god made two things are opposite to each others one is black the other ia white in the heart of the black is a white dot and in the heart of the white a black dot the black and white are as tear drops around each others terminates at the end of each one so that the other starts , the white is paradise and the black dot in its heart is a mistakeful person of the worst humans and the white dot in the black is one the best humans in hell , he made adoration as the way of entering each one for some thing we dont know , to be closer to the white you should adore god eith some thing and to reach the black you do the other thing , some of what you do has a weight of high value other has a low value , the best thing human may have weight on and the highest value is morals and good behaviour , its the thing that you may do to gain every thing from some one doesnt give any thing in life







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