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Name: AlyssaF782
Birthday: May 3 2001
Location: Somewhere in the atmosphere
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Nov 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I know a couple of useful spells and I will gladly help by doing one for you if you want me too. If you do, please feel free to message me regarding it. I am also open to just regular conversation. I feel very connected to nature. I am 16.

Relationship status: single

I love to sew, read, and meet new people

If I don?t message you back right away, my communication limit has been reached, so just wait a little bit or you can reach me through my email:

White- I want a relationship with you

Green- I'm falling for you

Purple- I miss you

Orange- I really like you

Pink- I love you

Yellow- you're amazing

Blue- you're friendly

Grey- we need to talk more

Silver- I want to get to.know you better

Red- you're awesome

Black- I hate you

Hot pink- have my babies

Sky blue- you're pretty/handsome

Dark grey- Meh

Royal purple- kiss me

Blueberry- cuddle with me

Royal blue- hug me

Blood red- I want you as my slave

Ruby red- insert your own choice

Or choose one of these

Orange ~ your cute

Pink ~ I'd kidnap you

Yellow ~ I'd run you over

Aqua ~ I love you

Blue ~ we should totally hang out!

Red ~ go die in a hole

Green ~ we should get to know each other better

Purple ~ your my friend

Violet ~ your my best friend

White ~ marry me

Black ~ go to hell

Gold ~ your my type

Silver ~ your hot

Indigo ~ you sound awesome

Navy ~ jerk

Different one

Blue=i want a second chance

Yellow=you're cute

Green=i want a kiss

Purple=i will die for you

Red=i want you to kiss me

Pink=let's cuddle

rainbow=i want you in my bed

Orange=i owe you a kiss

Black=i want a hug

teal=i really like you

White=i'm crushing on you

Brown=i love you.


blood red=come to the back room

turquoise=i don't like you

Aqua=i hate you

gold=lets be friends

silver=your my enemy

grey=i think i'm falling in love with you

Magenta=Be mine

Lime=takes me on date

Peach=I need a friend

Periwinkle:You're all I want ;)

This one is different

blue=i'm nonhuman or supernatrual

yellow=you're cute

green=i want a group to learn with

purple=i want to learn magic with you

red=i like you

pink=i like science

orange=i can be your teacher

black=i want a hug

rainbow=i want to be your spiritual mother/father

white=i'm crushing on you

brown=i love you.

blood red= i will kidnap you

crimson= i will teleport to you

turquoise=i like your interest

aqua=i want to kiss you

gold= i want to give you a gift

silver=your my soulmate

periwinkle=(note:if you choose this color, you must place ur own idea)

grey: i think i'm falling in love with you

mystery:what I want is you

Reality is an illusion to keep people sane. The use of magic bends the illusion and people see magic. Magic bends reality, in turn bending the illusion that everyone sees.

I don't care if you're gay or straight, everybody needs love.I don't care if you're diseased with an incurable sickness, everybody deserves a chance.I don't care if you're ugly or pretty, everybody has flaws.I don't care if you're black or white, everybody has the same capabilities.I don't care if you're weird, everybody needs to change.I don't care if you're rich or poor, everybody needs warmth.I don't care if you're different, everybody is.

you kidnapped me, What will you do???

1) rape me

2) kill me

3) let me go

4) tie me down

5) tea party

6) make out

7) video games

8) movies

9) never let me go

10) poke

11) Hold Me there Forever?

12) Change my name and marry me cx)

Blessed be


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