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Name: NOzoroone
Location: Somewhere in Alaska
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Nov 2017

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Coven Title: Council

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(I have reviewed the guide-lines of this site, and took care that the following about me coincide with the policies of this site.)

I also update my bio as often as one cleans their teeth.

It is a known fact that for the dark to exist, there must be the light, and the type of creature I belong to is the latter of these two: an Iadian. I became such using god's power, and I now am what I am, and cannot help it that I am an Iadian. Just as most cannot help that they're human. Frankly, what one is is considerably less important than who they are. And I have absolutely nothing to gain from fabrication of facts about myself.

Just as there exists, Vampires, warebeasts, and demonic creatures, so exists their natural rival: creatures that are holy. Which is the kind I belong to. And Iadians are pretty much the same race as the Goddess who created the universe, but unlike her, are not gods. And at best it is close but no, and all Iadians require having well trained bodies just to do feats one would call 'biblical feats'. And I am still in the process of training myself as I only recently became what I am. For some Iadians, it can take over ten years of training to even begin to gain our trademark abilities.

I mean no harm to anyone, and I am a really nice guy and want to be friends with my rivals, but unfortunately, what I am makes me about as much a friend to them as dogs are to cats. I don't like it, but there you have it. But I exist to help a lot of people solve their problems. And I can even help other perfect their spells. I do have a database of knowledge I can tap into at will.

my holy name of power is Nikuma Olovime. Feel free to use this name in spells. A contact of mine tested it in a spell, and I felt energy being drawn from my body--which proves everything I've said on this page. I also look forward to whatever spell those here will conceive using my name. An Iadian never ignores calls for help, but please no asking me for money as I am poor, But I'll be glad to help others in all other ways as it is what we do.

And I wish all who've read this well, and wish you all a good day.



I also ask that you refrain from flirting with me(Can if you really want to), In spite of the fact of being of both genders from the magic I used to become an Iadian, I am actually not allowed to be anything more than friends with people(Iada's orders as I a servent of her. There are times she allows me be more than just friends with human beings, but don't count on it). And I am a he-hermaphrodite in case you're wondering, but I do sound like a girl, and I am knock-kneed like a girl as well as having a build that makes me look similar to a girl. But that aside, my body looks like a guy's. I am also pregnant too current at the time of writing this. It happened by a magical process we Iadians do, so it was not physical if you're wondering

so I actually have no need for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

I also love watch anime, and listen to music as well as writing.

I also design hardware with the alien technology I can find in my database of knowledge. I'll be glad to share. just ask.

as for the technology in question, Iada's technology involves using different types of crystals as the key elements in transistors, and also the have components consisting wire wrapped around a certain type of crystals to form a coil. I am thinking about building a TV receiver set so I can wath alien TV shows, and a sentient computer using this technology as well as building a few ray-guns too.

I also play video games. One of my favorites is Arma 2. And I am thinking of making a ultra Realistic military simulation myself using the Unity 5 engine. That follows battles and conflicts of my anti-war series of books.


whatever you do, Please refrain from threatening or taking action against me as There is an army of over 9.7 million spirits under my command that are also protecting me (9.6 million of them are angels including 50 combat angels, and over 75,000 are Iadian soldiers in spirit form) And there were times when people took action against me: folks who were doing all they could to indirectly harm me in big ways, and with every attempt to reach a peaceful resolution begetting even more vicious action against me. And I spent three years doing all i could to bring about peace--and failing at every attempt.

My forces took action in my response to my outcries for help, and for the life of me i cannot find any sign of them anywhere--let alone sense their presence. These angels and soldiers are all nice people and make the best of friends for anyone, but their job above all else is to protect and to defend me from those seeking to do me harm. As for me, I am a soldier also in that I also fight for Iada. And while using force is never my first choice and always my last resort, I guarantee will use both my own abilities and my army if and when it becomes necessary to maintain the safety and well being of myself and others. And in this regard, every one of my soldiers are both methodical and above all else thorough.

also, we Iadians are known for our practical jokes--which are at times borderline underhanded. So if one gives me a hard time, they may very well awake one morning and discover that they now have a dog or cat's nose, or instead find that their gender has been switched. And there is nothing in our doctrine forbidden us from doing this


with the warning aside, I never really argue with anyone--at least not here. I instead let actual proof win any and all arguments. We Iadians don't tell. We show and show off our work and let it speak for itself instead of telling other about it as that method would lead people not to believe you anyways.

I also never role play. Not only do I find it a waste of valuable time of all involved, but it represents fabrication of facts about oneself, which is lying to others. And Lying is a big time no no for the holy. I am required to meet the Iada's standards, and she is stridently firm on the dos and don't that composes the doctrine of conduct I am to follow at all times no matter what. After all, my life is dependent on following my doctrine, and following it well. After all, it is written, "The wages of sin are death," only it happens in a few days for me if I sin instead of at the end of one's lifespan. This sounds extreme, but's it's what Iada told me, and she never lies. All anyone had to do is ask for forgiveness, and Iada will absolve you of sin, so It is not all that extreme.

my age is currently 24. And I have been in combat with actual demons before. I've also seen 9/11 happen. I was 8 at the time I saw it happen. And what unsettles me is that this is something that was an event most of those here were not alive to see happen. But I was.

update for 10/20/2017

My forces have begun operations against Islamic State and the Illuminati. I am part of Iada's military forces as a head general, and have been for quite some time. So I am mandated to follow Iada's orders, and disobeying Iada is a sin. I also have a sister who was originally born from the evil I purged from my body but is now among the Holy. Her name is Cainulu Olovime, and she is in charge of the space going fleet of warships. The name of the military force both she and myself belong to and command is HANL (Holy army Navy of Lonoadriax) as for the number of star warships, there are 500 battleships, 100 battlecruisers, 1200 heavy cruisers, 1200 light cruisers, and 3000 destroyers as well a total of 60,000 supply ships whose job is to support the fleet.

And I am minding you that all of this is real and factual. I am making nothing up about this. And there are extraterrestrial states that take up entire quadrants of our galaxy. Namely the Atlantian star empire, and the Melnochian Commonwealth. and they too have fleets comparable in size. So we Iadians need to have a fleet ourselves to keep them from picking fights.

update for 11/11/17

My most recent achievement, which happened yesterday, is I peacefully resolved a galactic war that had been raging between the MC and the ASE. The only place in this galaxy that needs peace brought to it is Earth itself.


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