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Name: paul_jesthy
Location: Philippines
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 10 Nov 2010

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
- I am PAUL taking up B.S. Computer Science at the Philippine School of Business Administration. I was born under the ZODIAC SIGN CANCER, that????s why I????m extremely MOODY and SENSITIVE.

I????m addicted in color YELLOW! plain not so INTERESTING but Very VERSATILE, like me, you can bond anywhere. Being an open-minded person makes me get lots of REAL buddies, I????m also HUMOROUS! Very CHATTY but with sense! I make NOISE when I feel so HUSH!

I????m a vastly EXPLORATORY and EXPERIMENTAL person. I can pour a lot of directed ENERGY into what I????m doing, a lot of time if necessary, and a lot of EFFORT. I hate doing nothing, BOREDOM Kills me. I want to ENJOY my life to the FULLEST! Eating time is my jiffy! Though it doesn't compliment with my body! And don????t you dare disturb me if you don't want to see my worst! just kidding!

I hate DRAMA I love ENTERTAINMENT. I always want to LAUGH than to CRY that's why I????m fun of watching comedy shows!

I'm not perfect but just the way I want it. MOOD SWING occurs sometimes and it????s NATURAL it also depends on the atmosphere. PATIENT is not my VIRTUE I easily get MAD when I feel being left BEHIND I????m also TACTLESS & FRANK but I always make sure that i use it in proper MANNER.


- by the way i do have wiccan and shaman bLood, but unfortunetLy my parents' generation didn't practiced it so im the one who wiLL do it.

- i do have good psychic abiLities but i want to improve it more!

- i've been practicing my psychic abiLities since 8 yrs oLd and now at the same time i've been praticing wicca too!!!

- i do cast speLL, im good on making psychic defense, using my aura, and my eLement (fire), i do transfering negative energy into a ring that serves as heaLing. (but im just starting to improve it)

- i think i do have the abLities of a PSYCHIC VAMPIRE, i don't know but i can absorb energies from others without even knowing...

- i do Love knowing, seeing and being friend with other peopLe with this kind of abiLity. 'coz for others who don't beLeive they think that im crazy... weLL its ok!

bLessed be!

..........BEING OUT IS FUN..........


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