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Name: okaykammy
Location: NachoCheese
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 16 Oct 2017

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

Personal Bio

Hello, and welcome to my profile!

My name is Cameron, and I'm fourteen years old. I was introduced to Wicca about three or four years ago, and have been intrigued ever since. I started my yearn and a day at one point, but eventually got too lazy and gave up. I'm hoping to restart my year and a day journey again, and to connect with like-minded people here on SoM.

If you wish to connect with me outside of SoM, I will provide you with anything we can keep in contact on if I feel comfortable in doing so. Please keep in mind the following if you mail me:

  • I am in a committed relationship, so I am not interested in flirting.
  • I'm not an expert in The Craft, although I will definetly try to point you in the right direction.
  • I will delete all mails that do not have a subject.
  • I will not reply to mails that do not have any particular meaning to them. (i.e. "Hey", "Hi", or "Hello" will not cut it. Try to say this, and follow up with something interesting.
  • If it does not pertain to magick, I'm okay with that. I'm down for some deep conversation about life in general. If you need any non-magick advice, I'd be happy to give you my two cents.

And that's about it! If you have any questions whatsoever, don't be afraid to ask, as long as they fit into the guidelines listed above. This "bio" will be updated in time as I have continued my journey with The Craft and have discovered myself in more detail. Until then, Blessed Be!

- - -

Friday Night Ritual

Gather the following items the night before the ritual:

  • lined paper
  • red and black pen
  • bay leaves, or drawings/photos of bay leaves
  • cinnamon
  • container
  • lemongrass essential oil
  • lavendar essential oil
  • lighter

This ritual is to help you relax and relieve stress from the week. It is best to perform this on a Friday night.

  1. Cast your circle using the beginner method. You can view that here: Make sure all of your materials are present inside the circle.
  2. In the container, mix 1 tbsp of cinnamon and 13 broken-up bay leaves. Put 3-4 drops of both the lemongrass oil and the lavendar oil in the mixture. Taking the pen/s and paper, write 7-13 things that have stressed you out this week in black pen. Repeat on the reverse side in red pen. Sprinkle the herb/oil mixture over the paper, burn it, saying:

"To ashes my stressers will go,"

Dispose of the ashes and herb/oil mix by burying it at least a foot into the ground.

Meditate, if you feel the need to, and close the circle.

- - -


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