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Name: Shobhan001
Birthday: Mar 8 1998
Location: Bhopal. India
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 22 Nov 2017

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Hello everyone..

Im the one who lost everything in his life. I never get trusted friends in my life even get bullied and harrassed by someone yes even im boy.but in my family mom & dad who were aged 63+ and my brother who died on 31st aug 2013 was my family's hope but my other family (like,. Uncles,aunts,cousins ) weren't treat me like family or one of them. I live my lonely life but i have friends they were just acting like friends in front of but they're not i even heard from them in secretly i got accident it broke my both hands and i lived in India where is so much black magician include my big uncle he doesn't talk to us and he never wanna meet us but he is pure evil he put a curse me of the death which o got accident last year and this year with same month i got accident which i got broke my left hand again last year both hands were broken . So i need to protect myself and my family and i need family too in coven is anyone would accept me as one of them in your family .my parent's condition is weak but they alway said they were strong and i don't know how much time have they left if they gone then im completely lonely in my life i need family and teacher who would teach me magicks for good because i see the people who were dead around me that i was frighten always. in my family my aunts planned to frame me as im mental and she succeed in that now im mental in my families image. Because since childhood i can see ghosts everywhere and sometime hearing voices at night which i can't sleep at night still now i have been feeling that someone's watching me while im sleeping with voices that cause me being daysleeper that i cant sleep at anyone would like to teach me magicks i'll be honour to learn please help me. I woould like to learn directly because i have no idea what to do im so much confusing about it that's why.please help i'll do anything what you say but please teach me...


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