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Name: Primal_Chaos
Location: Zeta Reticuli system
Last Seen: Thu, 19 Oct 2017

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"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes." - Quote from The Matrix

"We're all as one but different manifestations of the same being. Only ideologies prejudices and fear makes us seem different." - Anonymous
My beliefs are quite simple I don't tie myself to any religious dogma, zodiac signs, planetary influences (even though use them in magick for my own purposes), what's left, right, up, down, black/white, good/evil/bad it's all subjective including calling the entities as god/ddess.(good and evil are opinions and states of mind) Don't see them above or below myself but as equal and part of myself. Want myself be better than Man/Beast/Daemon/beyond "God" instead of walking with "God". That's why my interest in Chaos Magick grew to strip away all Magic systems beliefs and philosophy to create my very own psyche/reality as I see fit for myself. I'm not into any religion but symbolism and personalities. I'll refuse to put a list of practice and studies on this bio but if curious enough just ask. Now allow me then, to give the discourse on the nature of Chaos and to divulge the subtlety of her Knowledge (Chaosophy), only to show that one cannot properly convey its Mysteries.......
"No One Is Destined For Greatness And No One Is Destined To Fail. We Are All Just Equal Matter, Who Must Decide Our Own Scale" - Thorin
"I Will Bow Before No God And Will Not Surrender Logic And Reason To Faith" - Thorin
Chaos is finite and infinite, hot and cold, light and dark, place and no place, and within it all things are blended together and yet separate. Chaos is like the great writhing dragon Tiamat of myth and each of her various parts is comprised of smaller dragons, and ad infinitum, each working towards both individual benefit and benefit of the whole. As the scales of Tiamat are many serpents each maintaining their individual purpose and expression within Nothingness.
Because Chaos exists and does not exist, being itself a mixture of existence and non-existence, we may rightly call it the Pool of Potentiality, meaning that Nothingness contains the potential to exist but nothing has come into existence (made to be distinct). Consider now what it means to exist. The coalesced nature of Chaos must be divided in order to produce the required separation of qualities resulting in existence the state which we identify as reality. While Chaos is a mixture of potentials, the reality is the realization of those potentials. A reality also referred to as the Cosmos within the Chaos-Gnostic tradition, is the Nothing which has become Something. While in Chaos light and darkness were as one, within the Cosmos light and darkness are two. The Cosmos is the division of Chaos, but how did Something come from Nothing?
Something, or rather all things, came forth from Chaos in a single instance simply because the potential for such an event happened to be realized. We should not, however, assume that existence has been vomited from the Mouth of the Abyss and that this event is over. Instead, the Great Creation is continuously taking place the Lord has not yet even finished speaking Let there be Light as the act of creation is continuously taking place.
Chaos has been cleaved in twain, thus allowing for the sustained existence of creation. This may be symbolized by the dragon Tiamat being cut in half by the god Marduk, and whose body was used to fashion the Universe. And so we have the Cosmos a reality of having and have not, and various levels of thereof.
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