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Name: CosmicCipher
Birthday: Sep
Location: Seeing you, without you seeing me
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Nov 2017

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Coven Title: Member

Personal Bio

(Formally Psychopath13)

If anyone has questions regarding Cartomancy, I will gladly give advice and/or direction. If you are looking to have your fortune told, I'm afraid you'd have more luck inquiring elsewhere; I keep most of my Precognitions to myself and will only perform readings for very rare and very special exceptions.

If you're just some bored guy with abysmal grammar who thinks he can con out my number, you can leave right now. Lonely? Yes, I am lonely, but don't assume my loneliness to be desperation. I am not giving out any of my blasted contact information to strangers who say 'they can help'; I'm far too bitter to be helped at this point.

In terms of my magick, I'm very much a novice; but from what I've seen I'm actually quite powerful even if I don't know how to fully use it yet. I've casted a few spells that have worked great for me and I hope to get better in the future. I don't particularly limit myself to only a few specific genres of magicks, I prefer to cast what I feel is appropriate for the situation regardless of its affiliation; however I am mindful of the Deities and other such beings I may invoke when casting.
As such, some would refer to me as a 'Jack-of-all-trades' or an 'Eclectic Witch' , I suppose. I've always appreciated the term 'Universal Gray Witch' considerably more.

I practice Divination, via:

  • Cartomancy (The art of using playing cards as Tarot cards)
  • Crystallomancy (Or Scrying, if you prefer)
  • Seashells and Pistachio shells
  • Prophetic dreams and thoughts (On rare occasions)

These are other crafts that I am no master at, but occasionally practice none-the-less:

  • Sigil Magick
  • Kitchen Magick (Herbalism, Gem/Stone, Brewing, etc.)
  • Lucid Dreaming (I am attempting)
  • Shadow-Manipulation (I have an intense interest in this particular craft; if anyone has any valuable advice on the subject, I'd be most grateful to receive it)

I am a Neutral being. My element is Earth, I believe my Spirit Animal to be a cat, and my 'religion' is Pagan, for lack of a better word; I will elaborate on this if asked politely.

" Am I weird? Am I everything you fear? Am I the voice in the void in the space between your ears? Am I leading you to Hell, via wishing well? Am I vaulting you to Heaven with a hypnogogic spell?"


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