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Name: Trinitarian2
Birthday: Aug 20 1998
Location: 133.4 in your local library or BF1562.5 library of congress
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 12 Dec 2017

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Personal Bio

Hey, all, it's ChristWicca. Got a new name. :) Kinda glad. The other one was confusing.


About Me:

Hey, everyone, it's Trini, and I am a Trinitarian Wiccan, a follower of God, the Goddess, and Jesus Christ. My main God-incarnation is Brigid, goddess of Hearth, Temple, and Forge and She is my main route to Him! :D

I'm typically a very nice, very talkative young woman. Being that I like to talk, I sometimes give advice, as long as you remember who you're getting it from because (and I may tell you this) I am not a therapist, I do not have a psychology degree, but I will help however I can.

If you're upset about something, or you need to get something off your chest, don't hesitate to Mail me. We are all children of the Divine. :)

Fair warning, I do have a not-so warm and fluffy side. If you try to tell me you are some mystical creature (demon, vampire, werewolf, mermaid, neko, etc.) I will drop you and not bother replying to your mail. If you make a move on me, I will drop you. IF YOU TRY TO SAY MY RELIGION IS NOT REAL, THAT I AM GOING TO HELL, THAT I AM MAKING A MOCKERY OF BOTH WICCA AND CHRISTIANITY, DO NOT BOTHER MAILING ME OR YOU WILL WISH YOU'D NEVER SEEN MY USERNAME!

What the Universe thinks I am:

  1. Matron : Brigid
  2. Patron: GOD
  3. Sun Sign: Leo
  4. Moon Sign : Leo
  5. Rising Sign : Gemini
  6. Birth Totem: Salmon
  7. Druid Sign: Ceder
  8. Chinese Sign: Earth Tiger
  9. Spirit Animal: Red Tailed Hawk
  10. Personality Type : ENFP-T
  11. Elements: Water, Air, Fire
  12. Clairs: Clairaudient
  13. Chakras: Blocked Throat, Balanced 3rd Eye and Crown
  14. Energies : Balanced Masculine and Feminine

What I Do:

  • ~Prayer Magic
  • ~Celtic Oracle Cards
  • ~Meditation
  • ~Clairaudience
  • ~Mythology
  • ~Culture
  • ~Theology (I find interest in divinity :3
  • ~Research (If you want me to quickly google something for you so you can get another perspective,be my guest)

Things People Are Afraid I'll Do:

  1. Would you like to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ? (I hate people who do that)
  2. Satanists fear me! (Seriously, if your a satanist, don't be afraid to mail me, I'm cool with it)
  4. I'm better than all of you (I have an inferiority complex, I'm really not)
  5. Quote the Bible (It's a very VERY rare occurance, since I haven't read the whole thing)


  1. Tarot
  2. Runes
  3. Auras (hopefully)
  4. other clairs
  5. anything anyone is willing to teach me. :D

I encourage Mail, but please be smart about what you send me. Nothing you wouldn't Mail to your children.

About Mail:

  1. ~No Bashing
  2. ~Please have a subject (Something about what we're going to be talking about. I dont want "hi" "hey" "sup". I am very forgetful.)
  3. ~No asking me out/hitting on me (Not a dating site, peeps)
  4. ~I don't know everything, but I'll try to refer you to people who know more than I do. :)
  5. ~When I say "Change of Subject", we never touch on the prior subject again. Period.

Sensitive Subjects:

  • Suicide
  • "My life is ending, the world is against me, oh my god, my parents hate me, they won't give me a new iphone, they're so sucky, my friends all hate me, I'm going to cut myself, etc. (Basically, no drama. Count your blessings and move on.)
  • Having no friends
  • complicated self-made religions (I've been down this road with a friend, please don't involve me)
  • I'm in love with a woman but she's married to another man (I have gotten this twice)

Things I don't do:

  • Donald Trump
  • "Please turn me into a creature!"
  • Drama
  • He said/she said (I will drop you like a bad habit, don't)
  • talking about me while I'm around


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