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Name: Hollow145
Location: Tis only for me to know dear
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Nov 2017

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Before you read everything below, i should let you know that don't try to hit on me i don't like it, second i don't like sharing much but if i end up liking you as a person i may share a few things with. Oh i have a wattpad you can find me at ( @Fairy_Flare )

On there i write slightly depressing stories so if you aren't into those kind of stories don't bother X3 Also i love to listen to depressing music it's calming. Lol if you know any depressing songs don't be scared to tell em about them


Hi,I'm Shi I'm pretty new to witch craft. I've been busy with school so i haven't really had the time to practice, although i have been able to study rarely that is.

I hope to be able to learn more and start practicing. :)

Name: Shi or Hollow if you may

star sign: Libra

Element: Air

Gender: female

Path: as of right now I'm not on a certain path

Experience: I'm pretty much completely new so I might need someone to teach me a few things

Likes: Drawing, animals, anime, music, making music, reading, video games

Dislikes: bullies, being very social, crowds

Hobbies, im an artist, im a musician i can play quite a few instruments

I play the violin, cello, bass, alto saxophone, piano, drums, flute, clarinet

Favorite things: Assassins creed, the colors: crimson red, scarlet red, midnight blue, dark purple, green, and the shade black. Cheesecake, art, music

Personality: im pretty shy but im also very protective. usually sweet but thats not when you mess with me or my friends. im also very childish when i want to be that is, i can be quite um sorry for my language Bitchy

favorite animals: Wolves are first in this list, ever since i was small wolves have always found their way into my life and they still do. Second on this list are cats, always ive had a cat by my side no matter what. Last but not least Owls, these three animals have always been in my life, i've always felt a sorta connection with them and i don't know the reason why

When im not being socially awkward im usually sitting in my room.

Im always up for a chat, but be careful, insult me in anyway you will regret it.

Anyhoo im usually friendly... kinda

I do have kik, but ill only give it out to people i know

my inbox is usually empty so don't hesitate to message me











Haha you actually read all they way to this part anywhoo here is an interesting fact about me, I seriously act more like a cat or wolf than I do a human. I have my reasons


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