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Name: Tabrinaah
Location: Canada/Ontario/Brampton
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 24 Jan 2009

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Hello everyone my mortal name is Samantha Loyer but my Witch name is Tabrinaah Sparkz. I am 14Years old. I am Catholic/Indian/French. I listen to any type of music. In school I want to studdy law but I am working on being an actress at the moment.

My favourite hobby is practicing magic. Ive been working on magic for 3-4years now. I know it doesnt seem like that long but ive been practicing like every day, that I have a chance. Without magic id feel like i wouldnt be able to succeed in life, also if i didnt start working on magic I probably wouldnt be as confident as I am today.Also my magic element is Earth.

Im on spells of magic atleast 3 times a week checking out new spells. Some dont work for me:( but i keep trying. Most of the time i put magic before my actual school work :S. My life basicaly revolves around magic and all that. And ive created a couple of my own ritchuals. If it wasnt for magic id probably think my life is completely useless and i wouldnt have as much confidence in most things i try.

Also I kind of teach my own mini just for begginers though, that dont know that much about magic and wants to learn how to studdy it and do spells and stuff. I teach how to cast the spells, how to concentrate on the spell your doing, and i teach what a type of potion or something is[for exaple what is fairy dust or something like that.] right now i basicaly only teach my little sister and REALY close friends so yeah.

My favourite things to do is to summon spirits through ouija boards. Only the nice ones though, and to do that obveously i do a protection chant first. Then i summon my spirit guide, because she helps me with advise, and things like that.

To find out how to find your spirit guide check out these sites:

Lastly if you ever see anything on this site labeled: ~Xoxo~A Tabrinaah Sparkz Origional Creation~ that is created by me and NO i did not get ANY spells from any other sites or anything. When i create spells there a 100% Tabrinaah Sparkz original. my work is NEVER and i mean NEVER plagerized

~~Anyways lots of love and have a great day~~


From Tabrinaah Sparkz


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