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Name: RadioActive9
Location: Sweden
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 23 Sep 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

Read my bio before mailing me!

I'm not the type whos kind to everyone.

I am the serious type and one who gets mad easily so

wanna talk? You better have a spiritual/magickal subject otherwise you'll be ignored.

I will ignore to:

  1. Only mailing me with a "hello, how are you, wanna be friends, greetings etc."
  2. Asking me to cast a spell for you or breaking your curse, haha please get the f*ck away.
  3. Asking me how to become a devil worshipper, closer to Satan and how to summon demons.
  4. Asking me how to change gender through magick.. do yourself a favor and get a reality check.
  5. Flirting.. Your life must suck real bad since you're on a pagan site trying to get a gf/bf.. damn.
  6. Asking me to teach you, sadly I don't have time to teach as before. But I do answer questions.


Alright. I am a neutral witch but I mostly practice darker things.

I am an native american by blood and a demonolatress.

I got involved in witchcraft at age 11 and studied it in 6 years now.

I follow the left hand path obviously.


King Paimon

This goetic king is my patron demon and the very first demon I was drawn to

but not the first one I started to work with since he is not recommended to beginners

in demonolatry, but I've worked with him for a very long time now and we have a pretty strong bond

and he has been with me in my past life too. I love him so deeply.. Nobody understand how much.

Soon I will give my body to him and making a committment.


Lucifer and I have a pretty up and down history but what I can tell public is that

he came to me before I knew what witchcraft was and first I was pretty terrified of him

but then I became obsessed and when I say obsessed I mean brutally obsessed.

I loved him, committed myself to him 22/10/2015. So yeah we also have a bond and

I still love him. But it's not easy..

Archangel Gabriel

My guardian angel, who has protected me, loved me, guided me through hell of a bad times, being there for me.

Gabriel reached me a little earlier than Lucifer. Gabriel reached me often through dreams and meditation.

He is my best friend and he is the one who is keeping me balanced between dark and light

even though if I am more attracted to the dark. We have a strong bond also and I love my Gabriel.


I practice:

  • Kitchen Witchery.
  • Invocation.
  • Evocation.
  • Candle magick.
  • Sex magick.
  • Hoodoo.
  • Curses and hexes.
  • Divination.
  • Herbalism.
  • Sigil magick.
  • DNA magick.
  • Demonolatry.

Spirit animals: Snake, fox, eagle and owl.

How did I get involved in witchcraft?

Well witchcraft has been a part of my mothers sides history.

All the girls were witches, never the males.

Everyone may not have followed the path but they are aware of witchcraft etc.

My grandmother taught me alot about herbalism and kitchen witchery when I was a kid,

and some hidden things. My mother taught me tarot.

My mother was more darker than her mother and

she didn't wanna evolve herself in magick anymore since of some personal reasons that shouldn't be written in a bio.


Vladimira (Lamia666)

I love you so much my sister, finally we found eachother 1 year ago.

I can't wait to move in with you soon.

You are my everything.


You are like a mirror, we are alike huh.

My brother how much you've grown since I met you.

I'm so proud of you I love you.


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