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Name: demanofnight
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i came from Colombia came to the USA about 4 yrs ago with the man i was going to marry i left my 2 kids in Colombia with my mom got over here and got pregnant with a girl i named her Rosa then when she was 6 months old i had her in daycare and they murdered my baby buried her one of the saddest days of my life then i got pregnant again this time with a boy named him Omar but he was born with a brain tumor so we did surgery they told us that he will need about 6 surgeries in all we said ok first one went ok then they did the second one his heart stopped on that one but they brought Omar back after that one they told us that anymore surgery would only prolong his life not save him but i was not ready to lose him so i told them to do the 3rd surgery on Feb 6th so they could do it the next day but around 2am the Dr came to us and told us they could not do the surgery cause he was dying but they would keep him on a life support but we talked it over and told the Dr's to take him off the life support we wanted to hold him before he left us so they did we carried him though the hospital talking to him then i whispered in his ear and told him if he needed to go then it would be ok then we kissed him he looked up at us smiled then closed his eyes for the last time.that was really hard for us a few months later me and my man was driving down the road stopped at a store to get gas and a car drove by and shoot my man i pulled him in the car put his head on my lap but he did not make it to the hospital he died in my lap on the way there that was last yr on a couple days till Christmas i got drunk that night went to the club and a guy drove me home i stayed with him for a while got pregnant again then in Colombia my mom had died so had to go and bury my mom and get my kids then the stress i was in but me in early labor but we had to leave cause r papers said we had to leave that day so i brought the kids bac with me to the USA got off the plan and went to the hospital had my baby she lived through it and then her dad left me later he took my baby from me and then he killed her as well her name was destiny then my ex husband from Colombia came and kidnapped my kids took them back to Colombia so i went back to get my kids on the way bac i was stabbed almost bleed to death but my kids saved me but got back over here. and a few days ago i tried to kill myself for the 2nd time.and now my kids are staying with the women that brought us over here to the USA my 2nd am once again all by my self.guess that will never not an innocent person in all means i have did many things wrong to bring this on myself like when my ex husband kidnapped my kids i did take revenge on him by wiping him and others out that's how i got stabbed i quiet that life. when my last baby died my cousin died the same day doing my job i blame myself for all the wrong i did do and there deaths is all on me no one else's just me everything that has been done in my life is my own love is fane i believe in my lord satanael my music metal and spanish all spanish my likes r kung-fu martail arts any kind was a black belt in kung-fu shiolin style but now im trying a new style im out going will help anyone who is willing to help them self i will be nice to u as long as u r nice to me. movies i like horror and what some people say is si-fi


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