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Name: Perfect2
Location: cuddling with mah gf all mine XD
Last Seen: Tue, 16 May 2017

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C.'s section-

Age is a number

Demons are misunderstood

people find random reasons to hate me. It's just natural. So I got used to it *puts my hands in my coat pockets and vanishes in the air*

Most people who hate me are jealous but atleast I have my gf


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I gave my heart to you

You threw it away

Crushed it to dust

Now I'm broken

Torn down

No one to love

I only wanted you

To love and to hold

For years to come

And you said no

Said you wanted room

Left me in darkness

Now I'm broken hearted


My hearts in pain

I feel the strain

For one man grows

And the other below

No one wins

But someone loses

Cause winners are losers

But losers arnt winners

So if you win

You have lost

But don't give up

Or you might fail

So misserably

So lonely and depressed

Hides in shadows

To lurk at night

Yet never ever

Got it right


My love is true

It's all for you

You'll take it

Hold it

Then cherish are time

Hold eachother until night

Be up to dawn

Then we frown

And feel down

We know we must go

But always remember

To return and be together

Then and forever


-As the wind blows

Your beauty grows

Two stars stolen from the sky

Lye in your eyes

When gone

I feel sad

Then I'm glad

To be with you

Always together

From now and forever


More poems later



More to come


My princesses section-

He's mine. Back. Off.

I love my boyfriend. I feel so alone without him :( *cries*


Shared section-

Haha she's a bit over protective so don't try anything because she will find you and talk to you on here then probably slap you (the RP is real haha) I love her so much and I'll do anything to make her happy and if that's getting rid of my friends I will just to prove I'd do anything

She gets all my huggles kisses cuddles and my attention

I'm only protective because I love you ;p

Haha my protective gf *hugs* all mine

Always yours my love :)

Yay :))))



I am the happiest person when your around I'm the saddest person when your gone :( I love you so much baby

I love you so much to and I'm the same

Yay ^-^ mine

All yours XD XP

Awwwwwe babe :))))))

Ilysm *kisses*


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