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Name: AlexTucker
Location: Waiting for you in the darkness, drenched in blood.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 22 Nov 2011

Membership: Contributor

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Personal Bio
Hi, my name is Alex, but most people call me Shades (probably because I usually wear sunglasses....

I am very interested in magick and have started learning about it in earnest. I am very interested in Elemental magick although I am open to using other types.


Height: 5' 10"

build: average

hair color: brown

eye color: gold

Interesting facts about me:

No one in my family has ANY idea what I do in my spare time...

I'm Gay

I love to read

I am learning Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Atlantean, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

I am aware of at least one of my past lives (and how I died in it)

I am and always have been (even in other lives) a sanguarian vampire (it should be noted that I am a REAL vampire, ie. I am not a Twilight Vampire and I DO NOT F***ING SPARKLE!!!)

I know several different alphabets(sadly not the LANGUAGES that accompany them)

I know:


Enochian-learning language


Greek-learning language

Russian-learning language

Magi's Alphabet

and am working on learning Ogham and Korean

I also know Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji (but also know the Japanese that accompanies them)

I don't know what possessed me to learn these languages, I just know that I enjoy learning them and randomly writing in them (I frequently write notes to myself in Theban and people get angry with me at school because they cannot read what I wrote....)

If anyone has any questions, just pm me, and if I get to know you I might tell you my e-mail address.


I believe in that spell because I put my heart and soul into it so I could be next to you again.

The path of fate is full of twists and turns. people are easily confused and cannot remember things, but one thing is certain: people's wishes are more powerful than that maze

As the cherry blossoms continue to fall upon the water's surface, they know what will come to pass, yet naught but ripples remain.

Even if just for a moment, I wish I could hold you again.

To pursue a thing even though the present world is lost. Even when comfort is abandoned, knowing the importance of the thing to be lost and the pain it brings; though still yearning for it, existing for it. That is true motivation.

Love can surpass anything, even the boundaries of the mind.

1. When in doubt, use C4

2. If still in doubt, use more C4

3. Even if not in doubt, use C4 for the lulz (laughs)

Love and Light


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