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Name: RiverEssence
Birthday: Mar 10 1998
Location: San Antonio, Tx
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 28 May 2017

Membership: Member

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Hi everyone you can call me Jax or bunny, if you wish to about me just message, happily taken

What's going through my mind 2/11/17:

I've been thinking so much that I've come to a blank in my mind because of the pain in my heart, I'd hope that I will heal soon but there's no sign of being really happy again, I feel myself screaming inside hoping someone might hear, I'm back in the darkness again and in some ways it feels like home even because I keep getting sent back to it, it scares me

My dreams: 2/28/17

My dreams are still weird as ever, only now it's getting hard to wake myself up from them when I'm in trouble, one of my dreams said "Raul was coming for me" still have no idea what it means, something's making poltergeist and hauntings in my dreams

In the jungle: 3/26/17

I had a dream I was lost in a jungle with someone by a pond where we were attacked by a lion, after escaping the lion we were captured and taken, as we walked through the jungle I had gummies that I shared with one of the people who captured us. Weird.

They're getting weird: 4/16/17

From the time I've been off here my dreams have been getting weirder, stranger, the other day I dreamt of fighting zombies, last was being trapped but escaping but before it could end I woke up so I went back to sleep wondering if I'd be able to finish it I did, I save myself and other people and then this morning I dreamt about my family being attacked by a tiger. Dare I ask what's with my dreams?

Mostly takes place there: 5/21/

So last night my dream was probably another haunting like dream, everytime I have these dreams they seem to always take place at one of the apartments I used to live at, and whatever it was turned off all the light and cornered me and my family in one room and then I woke up. When I went back to sleep had another dream there at the apartments only this time I saw my mother the sad part about it is that he didn't look happy she look sad tired not wanting to do anything she looked lifeless she looked like she didn't want to be there anymore :'( and the last dream, it was like a fantasy dream,like in the dream I knew this one girl was going to give me a potion it was weird, it was a kind of potion that would kind of like change the future if you took it, it take you back to the past and change the future I think and then it ended with the fairytale character Erza flinging people across a state.


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