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Name: gohankp2003
Location: Oxford
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 21 Oct 2008

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Hello. My name is Ken, and I am a High Priest of Satan. Now before this arguement gets thrown at me, I am not a Joy of Satan member, (Though I once was, but left due to the Nazism), I am not a Church of Satan member, I am not a Worldwide Church of Satanic Liberation member, I am not a Temple of Set member, I am not apart of ANY organization. I am an independent High Priest. My religious beliefs differ from most people, and on my youtube channel my videos are random. They usually revolve around whatever topic I feel like talking about.

But anyway, I have a few videos on youtube covering basic Satanism. It's not human sacrifice or any of that mess you've seen on TV. There are many sects of Satanism, and since Satanism is not a 'book religion' like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, there are practically no real restrictions in the religion. The only 3 things the practioner of Satanism needs to know. The 3 doctrines of Satanism and their definitions.

1. Stand Alone: This can be applied many ways. The application I prefer to use is don't accept other people's help for problems you can solve yourself.

2. Empower Yourself: This can be applied many ways also. The possibilities range from meditation to simply reading a book. What you use is up to you.

3. Follow your own path: This is self explainatory. Most hypocrites use this for political reasons. These are the people who tell you, "Oh, you have to go your own way in life." Then criticise you when the path you choose is something they disagree with, or think that's 'morally wrong'. These people should be ignored.

This is all the practictioner of Satanism needs to embrace. You don't have to believe in deities if you're an Athiest, you don't have to abandon the belief that deities exist if you are Thiestic, and you don't have to worship any dieties if you are Diestic. It's the only religion of true freedom and self advancement that exists.

I look forward to getting to know the people who are interested in getting to know me, or anything above.

Ave Satanas.


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