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Name: Ray_pelkey
Birthday: Jun 6 2000
Location: In the demon and monster world
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 20 Nov 2017

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Coven Title: Member

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Personal Bio

Greetings I'm Ryan but please call me ray. My birthday is June 6, 2000. My parents were sensitives, which means I can sometimes communicate with spirits. I'm from a Polish heritage. I was born in Vermont, USA, but I now live in Kentucky, USA. I had a bad past. I had near death experiences. I also was experienced with astral projection


Hey, I'm Ryan. I'm a Tech geek and a gamer. I study wicca. I like to have fun.

Hobbies: Netflix, horror movies, playing video games.

I know I could be evil, but if you mess with my loved ones, let's say there's going to be hell on earth


You can contact me by:

Facebook: Ryan Pelkey (lover dark)


Kik: rayray_2000_


Hollywood Undead

Five Finger Death Punch


Get Scared

Pierce The Veil

Escape the Fate

Asking Alexandria

Bring Me The Horizon


Falling in Reverse





Here are some poems I wrote


Dead Love

When you feel dead inside,

Your feelings of love start to divide.

There's no hope in life,

There's only death and depression

You hope for an answer or an end of this desperation

People can't begin to imagine your pain, your love, and loss

You want things to be better, even risking it at any cost

You want feelings of love, but you're lost

I know because I lost a lot of people, and it left me broken inside. I hate my life but I'm trying to learn how to love again.



Well, I'm dead inside.

People hate me so it's time to die.

All these fears release when I cry

People don't understand that I'll be happy at my end.

It's hard to handle the stress when I fend

Every single person hurts when I lose

Every cut I made always bruise.

I'm dying a slow and painful death and I want to end it all. Life hurts like hell

what doesn't kill you makes you wish you were dead


Darkest Love

There's someone with me in the dark,

Someone who loves me with one tiny spark.

Someone else also has the urge to kill

Let this hellish darkest reality become real

Let this reality may swarm to the cries that you may feel

Let's make this reality a Sin

Before we go, we will make the darkness grin.

I'm telling you now, the darkness will rise to my next kin

This is the love of the Dead. Dark & twisted may be the only way that will make you feel love again


Darkness of Life

There are shadows of darkness in hell

To burn your soul in the deep within when you sell

You burn and cry when reality becomes real

After you suffer, you come from the darkness to kill

You come from within to break the final fallen seal

You can't escape, my darkness will devour you. You all will suffer. Wake up because this is your end to die


Life in Darkness

There's a life in the darkness,

Waiting to be turned

All my demons are burned

I'm the one who is in the darkness forever

I'm going to hell

Not to burn by the bell

I'm forever for eternity

I'm here for eternity. No one will take away my gift. When I suffer, I'll make you suffer. Let's end this all. The end is coming.


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