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Name: paganboy95
Location: tiffin ohio
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hi im adam im main worship Aradina(goddess of all witches

im 16

i do all types of magic

message me if you want to know more want to know more bout me u can add me on face book (adam robinson) or text me at 5672302857

Samhain Ritual



Place upon the altar apples,

pomegranates, pumpkins, spuashes and

other late autumn fruits. Autumn

flowers such as marigolds and

chrysanthemums are fine too. Write on a

piece of paper an aspect of

your life which you wish to be free of:

anger, a baneful habit, misplaced

feelings, disease. The cauldron or some

similar tool must be present

before the altar as well, on a trivet

or some other heat-proof surface (if

the legs aren't long enough). A small,

flat dish marked with an

eight-spoked wheel symbol should also

be there. (On a flat plate or dish,

paint a large circle. Put a dot in the

center of this circle and paint eight

spokes radiating out from the dot to

the larger circle. - A symbol of the

Sabbats, a symbol of timelessness.)

Prior to the ritual, sit quietly and

think of friends and loved ones

who have passed away. Do not despair.

Know that they have gone on to

greater things. Keep firmly in mind

that the physical isn't the absolute

reality, and that souls never die.

Arrange the altar, light the candles and

censer, and cast your circle.

Recite The Blessing Chant:

May the powers of The One,

the source of all creation;

all-pervasive, omnipotent, eternal;

may the Goddess,

the Lady of the Moon;

and the God,

Horned Hunter of the Sun;

rulers of the elemental realms;

may the powers of the stars above and

the Earth below,

bless this place, and this time, and I

who am with You.

Invoke the Goddess and God. (in your

own way)

Lift one of the pomegranates and, with

your freshly-washed

white-handled knife, pierce the skin of

the fruit. Remove several seeds

and place them on the wheel-marked


Raise your wand, face the altar and


On this night of Samhain I mark your


O Sun King, through the sunset into the

Land of the Young.

I mark also the passing of all who have

gone before,

and all who will go after. O Gracious


Eternal Mother, You who gives birth to

the fallen,

teach me to know that in the time of

the greatest

darkness there is the greatest light.

Taste the pomegranate seeds; burst them

with your teeth and savor

their sharp, bittersweet flavor. Look

down at the eight-spoked symbol

on the plate; the wheel of the year,

the cycle of the seasons, the end and

beginning of all creation.

Light a fire within the cauldron (a

candle is fine). Sit before it,


the piece of paper, gazing at its

flames. Say:

Wise One of the Waning Moon,

Goddess of the starry night,

I create this fire within Your cauldron

to transform that which is plaguing me.

May the energies be reversed:

From darkness, light!

From bane, good!

From death, birth!

Light the paper in the cauldron's

flames and drop it inside. As it

burns, know that your ill diminishes,

lessens and finally leaves you as it

is consumed within the universal fires.

If you wish, you may attempt scrying or

some other form of

divination, for this is a perfect time

to look into the past or future. Try to

recall past lives too, if you will. But

leave the dead in peace. Honor them

with your memories but do not call them

to you. (Many Wiccans do

attempt to communicate with their

deceased ancestors and friends at this

time... if you must do this... make

sure you know how to handle the

energies and only do this if you are

VERY experienced.) Release any

pain and sense of loss you may feel

into the cauldron's flames.

Works of magick, if necessary, may


Celebrate the Simple Feast.

The circle is released.


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