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Name: wolfling
Location: Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 19 Dec 2008

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Personal Bio
[Never really write bios...beware?....& its wolfling, not wereling, lolz]

As well I am 16. In high school & have only really started connecting things together & understanding most things in the last year^^;

I'm a bookworm, but I've become very social with my friends. When I'm in the same room with someone I can...tap into there emotions...& its confusing when I have there feelings as if they were my own. I can turn it off if its too much. But its useful sometimes. If someone has given me permission I can directly tap into there surface thoughts. But I refuse to go any farther than that because it would be rude.

Let's see,[...[don't worry, i only wrote my life story there & something about remembering weird stuff when I was young^^...& that whole paragraph on ghosts^^;]]

Also. I live in a Christian household. At one time I was Christian, but over time I got fed up with God's unhelpfulness in my life and went on my urge to search. Yes, I believe in guardian angels[hard not to...met mine^^;] well as other guardians in Many forms.

Spirit Guides? Yes. Hard to miss mine. But other than that yes, I do do Tarot cards & have constant Deja vu^^ [maybe i should have it checked out...but everything seems to be coming true for other nawh~]

I'm extremely open, & am used to keeping both of my lifes [aka, my normal-person face for people who can't handle abnormal things & my...unusual life. Which is actually something now embedded into my very being^^]

Any questions please ask. If you're gonna call me crazy you shouldn't even be on this site if you're so closed minded^^ [sorry bad experiences happen when your best friend turns on you because of these things, but I have made Many new ones, they just think its kool^^][...or end up buggn' me to hell with questions.^^;]

Oh yea...I do believe that it can be easy for me to do any spells[as in...I'm extremely...& oddly a natural at them^^; but i prefer potions to worded spells. because i'd have to mean them & currently no worshipping anyone...gets pretty harsh^^;]. I as well have friends whom can help me with these things as well...yes, they are human^^;[ish >.>lolz]


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