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Name: RebelArmy
Location: The 9th Sphere
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 24 Mar 2017

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

Personal Bio

All people are born of flesh and return to dust .

Most of these people let go of their body to seek the afterlife .

Few people rise from the ashes and return to flesh .

Hello, nice to meet you, and yes I am one of the few who choose this path of resurrection . I am more of Bi/Pansexual , to me love is a more of spiritual bonding , than a physical one , and thus I see no requirements for gender . I am currently enrolled in college for Philosophy and Japanese Language Arts . I love Mountain Dew , cheesy things , chips , sweets , sake , meat , noodle , rice , and yes water ! I enjoying reading , playing video games , listening to music , studying, exercising my mind and body , and yes sleeping .

As I remember more past lives , I find more information , and sometimes this information comes from a source that can only be called one of the few . I am only rebellious in certain ways , I don't think like other people in this world , and I don't take too kindly to stupidity . I am either laughing quietly at you or rolling my eyes while face palming , and arguing my point . There is a set of rules I go by in my life , it keeps me from going crazy , and giving into my darker side .

Rebel's Rules and Guidelines:

1.) I never use magic to harm a person or the people around them .

2.) I never use magic to gain a personal advantage over society .

3.) I never fear anyone but God , never bow down to anyone but God , and will not let any spirit bow to me or convince me they're god for the same reason .

4.) I never choose to underestimate the ability of magic or science .

5.) Some Angels can be quite Demonic , while some Demons can be quite Angelic , and both can claim to work for God , so I see no difference .

6.) Witches and Scientists are one in the same , they're both experimenting , and they're both just as dangerous as one another .

7.) I do not use magic against someone's will .

8.) I do not use magic to become the most powerful .

9.) I do not use blood magic or necromancy .

10.) I only use magic for self defense , the defense of those who can't defend themselves , physical growth, mental growth, and spiritual growth only .

Just message me, talk to me about whatever you like, ask me a question, and you shall receive an answer from the best of my intellectual ability.


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