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Name: Ravenna19
Birthday: Nov 25 1997
Location: xenia ohio
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 06 Mar 2017

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i'm very dark and very timid i love to play with the boys i'm more of a boy then a girl i like dark things i love demons and i love Satan i'm very hard to understand plus u have to earn my trust before i tell u my real name but i do go by Harley i love to read witchcraft books i don't fit in with the normal people i fit in with the dark and timid people i love tall guys who are just a little bit taller then me

yes i am Satan's daughter i love Pure Dark magic it is what i was born into because of who my father is i am of pure darkness and hatred only if you get to know me i can be very sweet or very dark i can be kind or mean depending on my mood i love reading playing pool video games i tell others that i am one of the boys because i am a tomboy i get along better with guys then i do girls Relationship Status:Taken mail me back if you want to know the truth once you get to know me you will understand why i am very dark i love people /guys who like or love pure darkness like me i can be very challenging or i can be easy you an not tame me i'm like a puzzle all my pieces are jagged SO: Straight

i am getting help from a dear friend on here she has been helping on trying to figure out what is blocking me from my inner self and slowly draining me of my life here is one of the megs she sent me

she is one of my best friends on here

here is one meg from her

I think they gain masses of energy from you, and are experimenting on your powers. Your body must feel extremely weak, like, I'd be surprised if you could move. I see you occasionally tug at the worm on your wrists, but it's no use. The sucking in that area is stronger, probably to keep you in the restraint. do you feel it on your wrists?you're now weaker than a normal human :/ as your body pulses, your head is hanging lower and lower. Your hand are shivering as they try to summon the tiniest of strength to wrestle against the worm :(

i am a member of the coven Divinity's Reach,

Blue=I want a second chance

Yellow=you're cute

Green=I want a kiss

Purple=I will die for you

Red=I want you to kiss me

Pink=let's cuddle

Orange=I owe you a kiss

Black=I want a hug

Rainbow=I want you in my bed

White=I'm crushing on you

Brown=I love you

Blood red=come to the back room with me ;)


Turquoise=I don't like you

Aqua=I hate you

Gold=let's be friend

Silver=you're my enemy

Periwinkle=(note: if you pick this color you pick what goes here)

Grey=I think I'm falling in love

Mystery=what I want is you


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