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Name: Astro_Eclips
Location: My own realm. Trying new spells and branches of magic
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 03 Aug 2017

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Personal Bio
Greetings you can call me Eclipse, my comrades knows me to have the answer to any mystery involving the Astral Plane as I am extremely well versed in the subject. You can say that somehow I gained the information just by thinking about it and waiting a response from my own mind, it's not exactly how it works. I had a big amount of my life reading about its mysteries and now I just recall what I already know.

All my family has an interest about the subject and even practice magic, so I'm not exactly alone but at the same time I am alone. It seems that I am the only one that wants to go further and deeper into the subject than the others, but of course with some limitations. I know when you have to limit yourself.

I am also the main administrator of the Ring of Kings, a newly made website which improves the grammar and writing mixed with fun, just like role-playing but for more advanced writers. If you're interested or want to see the rules, then click the link in the website section.

I describe myself as the person who will always help the other, but if you make something I disliked then I will consider to even talking to you again. If the requirements are met, I can even be a tutor or even a master but that is only if you are firmly determined to learn from me, my area of teaching is often the one that I have more knowledge about, which is Astral Defense.

For my hobbies I would say that I love to:

- Read (happy medium between soft and hardcore)

- Write (also happy medium)

- Drink tea or coffee (softcore with coffee)

- I'm kinda into videogames now (softcore)

- Anime/manga since little child (but not hardcore, happy medium)

- Listening to music (most of the times classics and instrumental)

- Fakemon/Pokemon fusion/Art (it is just so creative that makes me want to be a drawer and not a writer)

But nice and cool guys also have their bad moments or dislikes:

- I hate grammar obvious grammar errors (yes I am a Grammar Nazi, deal with it even though English isn't my native language.)

- I hate subject-less mails. (I won't respond to them, only read them but not respond.)

- Spoon feeding information if you aren't close to me. (Seriously do I look like a knowledge bank or something?)

- Nonsenses. (You must have credibility in your words with me, I am well versed in a lot of themes, if you talk nonsenses about one of them, then you're out.)

My studies include but not limited to:

- The Seven Bodies and chakras

- Realms

- Mythology (Excelling in Greek and Roman ones, but I am well versed in others as well.)

- Supernatural creatures (I just like the subject)

- Astral Defense (As the name says, only on the astral plane)

What I am learning by now (In the Physical):

- Energy Magick (I love to work with energy so much)

- Soul Magick (The soul is just an essential part of us, so let's take a good use of it)

- More mythology ("When it comes to mythology, the more the merrier" - Eclipse)

- Thought-forms (Creating life with your mind is just amazing)



The Ashes


Free writings

Lonely crow who suffers in the shadows, share the pain and sorrow with your loyal servant who cared about you in your darkest times.

A path of dread and despair awaits for us to go through it, letting fall our tears and blood as they mix together with the dark ground.

The silent screaming and sobbing sounds of our own voices fills us with grief, feeling impotence as the higher ones laugh at us from above on their golden thrones.

Just because a simple mistake we mad, it was our downfall of the soft and white clouds, to the darkest ground called "World" to just lament.

But listen to me merciful master, together we are all we need. Let's take our broken selves to make a new life where we could be free from lament, grief and despair.

Spread your wings to let see the dark of your insides, and embrace it gently to never forget what you were before.

Now this path of grief and despair looks like one of joy and love, as we have each other to help with our hopes.

Lonely Crow who now looks at the sun, the black feathers of your being radiates with such a tender shine, that even the higher ones are now jealous of your kind.

I am honored to be your humble servant, always watching and always caring about you, to always see your true self.


Almighty Fenrir chained to a rock by the Gods, your silent howls I can hear from afar.

The destiny is cruel I know, but you must be strong as your servant's strong nature.

The infernal cold won't affect you anymore, as the rage in you warms your body.

I came to you as a simple human, but you cared about me and protected me from the winter winds.

The chains are slowly deteriorating as the rage on you increases, finally having enough of being the imprisoned one.

A shiny blade emerges from the ground, to let me cut out those chains from your paws.

A royal howl could be heard, seeing you with a smile on your muzzle.

Let's ride to the dawn of the Gods and take revenge for what they had done to us.

Tear up, destroy, shatter as the crimson path is formed with the blood of the living, feeling so much power and free.

The path of carnage is ours now, living to killing and killing to live.

The servants of the wolf becoming a faction to be purged by the higher ones.

But the pack won't stand to be restrained again, with so much power in our hands.

We had a taste of freedom and we are now intoxicated by it's amazing flavor.


I saw that many people used this color chart, so I decided to make my own one. You can mail me with one color - on the subject line PLEASE - to engage a conversation.

Color chart

Blue - You seem like a nice guy.

Yellow - I'd love to talk to you.

Green - Well, I have a question.

Purple - Could you teach me how to...

Red - I want to talk about any hobbies.

Pink - I like you.

rainbow - Could you be my friend?

Orange - I want to discuss something important.

Black - I want to argue.

teal - I want you to listen to my problems.

White - Could you be my master?

Brown - I don't like you.

Crimson - I hope you die.

blood red - I'm neutral with you.

turquoise - I want you as an ally.

Aqua - You're my nemesis.

gold - Hope to be besties.

silver - Why you're so charming?

grey - I'm... Crushing on you.

Magenta - Could we have a spar?

Lime - I'm not okay... (Just to close friends)

Peach - Buddy, keep it a secret.

Periwinkle - Be my Oni-san/Ototo.


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