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Name: Lucien98
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 18 Oct 2017

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Well then what too tell you all about me? I have multiple personalities. I am currently looking for someone to do a spell for me. If someone can do a spell for me I will do something for them in return. I am an author, an artist. I love music both loud and soft. Also I do believe in the supernatural. Any questions about any form of ancient history I can aid with. If you think you are able to help me then by all means message me but make sure you fulfil what you promise.

If you want to talk just message me. And if you can help me with a problem is appreciate that

What is life without peril? Why live a sheltered life?

Everything in life is worth taking. Take what you want and have no regrets.

I need a memory adjustment spell if anyone can help i would gladly appreciate it

Death comes for everyone. Trying to postpone your death is foolish everything dies. Nothing lives forever.

Chaos is beautiful as it is deadly. There is beauty to its devastating flames. There is horror in order and it's normality. Chaos is the side of beauty and love. Order is for the boring. Chaos is the daring. Chaos is life. Order is death. Chaos is love. Order is tolerance.

I am currently looking for a dreamwalker or someone similar to that. If so please let me know. I need someone to do a spell for me. Chaos is born from our lives. People are always trying to hinder our creativity. To me being chaotic is a good thing. It grants a reprive from all that is burning in life.

The devil fears only two things. 1 he feared the day I was born. 2 he fees for the day I come for him.

Life is about choices. Those choices impact who we are. They make the foundation for who we will become. Choices made as children don't really matter in the long run. The choices we make in view of others and how we act define us. So many opportunities for bad choices, yet so few for the good deeds we want to do. Everyone makes choices. It's the path that we go down that offer them to us.

I am a lovestruck fool. I need people to help me. If you can please message me.

To me love is important I believe everyone should be able to love. There is someone out there for everyone. My problem is the one I love is with an arrogant man. Life is full of bumper deals. But we have the chance to ignore that deal and make our own. So go out and make you stake in this world. Be it one of happiness, sadness, love, or anger. Make yourself known to all. For you never know who...or what is watching.


This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, not with a burning sun, but with a whisper.

May your life be full of debauchery, temptation, lust, greed, not, kindness, family, friends and above all else you mate

It is the immoral, the corrupt, and the sins of humanity that make living unique. Without these there would be no fun.


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