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Name: fatefighter
Birthday: Mar 14 1920
Location: in the darkest of shadows
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 24 Mar 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I have social media if you wanna rp (keep the schedule below in mind) You may message me at google hangouts but you have to ask on here first

I am here mostly because I am bored but I can also provide

assistance with spirits.

I do not cast spells for people

I am not reliable enough to be a teacher sorry not very good at keeping up with people on a professional sense simply cuz i am always busy

the best times to MSG me during mon-thu are as fallows

8:10-9:10 am central time

10:10-11:10 am central time

12:10-12:30pm central time

1:30-3:30 pm central time

4:30-11:00 pm central time


a little about me

I am an Pisces

I am bi

I am guy

I llove tlking to crazy people they are the best kind of peopple

I'm bored af always

I like actual creepypasta you know when it is scary and not when did creepypasta become a fandom I just don't get it. (my favorite is the rake)

and i am more than a little bit quirky

feel free to message me I don't normally bite....hard

no like seriously lets get real here message me I am probably bored at this moment I rp soo there is that

Now I will rant for a second.


To all those edgy emo teens that think they are vampires get a life please. Whether or not you edge lords believe in vampires is up to you even if it is stupid. Look at it this way if vampires were real wouldn't Elizabeth B?thory have lived forever or at least stayed young. She didn't though did she she died. There is no historical evidence to even suggest vampires as you claim them ever existed. Though there are people who can drain aura from other people or energy "vampires" that do exist.

Oh and that goes for all you emo pups who think your werewolves too. Even if it were real why would you want a curse? Which if you bothered to do your research you would realize that it was a curse. Not only was it a curse but a curse that made you kill your family, friends, and even that guy named Jim who was always nice to you. I get it though you want to be part of....a family one that loves you or at least you want to be part of a group. Then do that but there is no need for all you little emo kids to be playing sir yiffsalot in your free time. If you still want to fine but don't involve me and don't treat it like...real life ok.


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