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Name: nocash
Location: somewhere between birth and death, but maybe closer to death now.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Feb 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
my name is nocash,

but when I joined this site I was hopping for a miracle,

but its not looking to promising is it,

so how long I'll be here it maybe be surprizing,

but might not be here to long as I have not been praticing,

and now by the time when I need help its over shadowing,

so with whatever happens I'm feeling it cann't get much worst can it,

as were all jest sitting here a waiting but with what were looking for jest never happens,

and then its to late and its all over and so is the crying,

so why was I even put into this world when I've had so much suffering,

never the less I never give up for trying,

jest getting tired of loosing all for no reason and all for nothing,

will one day finally bring me my blessing,

may it come soon so I still may enjoy it before death sets in without warning,

maybe this does not make sense to you, but sure does to me,

written by nocash,

Sorry but change some thing or stuff on my bio,

well I not care no more as that is the honest truth, for not only have I went though hell with my life but so is so, so I really not give a dam to go any farther when absolutely no body cares, and from what I seen nobody does.......

life's a bitch, then you die, but what I always looked at was life could be better, even tho I tried, all the world has let me down so far so why should I even try.......

lately my mind has become a blank also this site has become kind of boring, yet I never found what I was looking for, so I ask my self why the hell do I stay here, must be caused by unknowingly signs of the unknown, but yet where are the miracles I been searching for, are they all gone forever, as God/Jesus are doing nothing for me as the spells on this site are doing nothing for me or as what comes my way its called waiting to die all for no reason I guess is not that right, just hope no one speeds up my death for look at the world tho, there working on it, and it sucks to, but what can I do about it except pray, but to whom??

well hate to say it here, but life a bitch, and then you die, but guess its apparently true, at least from what I found out about the world after my whole life went to hell to many times, so what's the use to even try anymore, I see none except for the scammers, period...

I am not but a lot of people think so and as for me I just live my life to try and help others, but a lot a people see differently and just want take things from a lot of other people is cause there a crook, and they not care how they hurt others, but sorry I try but others say shit they not even know what there talking about, but at least I can be honest, as to many just simply lie...


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