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Name: Amourpropre
Location: NC
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 13 Dec 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

My name is the french word for 'vanity' for the curious ones out there.

Just to get this out of the way, before mailing me keep the following rules in mind:

-Do not attempt to role play with me, I feel it to be a waste of time and energy

-Do not be condescending if you do not agree with my beliefs, my way of living is different from yours, therefore do not assume that I am inferior because I am different from you

-Do not attempt to threaten me or make me afraid of you. You wouldn't think I would have to say this but I do, I consider those who attempt to threaten on the internet to be very bored and ignorant people. Besides, what's so scary about a person behind a screen?

-If you have questions about magic be specific, and if I give an answer you don't want then don't be rude, don't ask questions to confirm an answer you want to hear.

-If I don't want to answer a personal question or if I ignore a question you have asked and I change the subject, assume I am not going to answer it and let it go.

-I will not give out my social media usernames, I will talk on this website and only this website.

-I'm not a 'nice until you make me angry' person, you will only find out I don't like you if I block you. If you make me that uncomfortable or upset you've done something horribly wrong.

-Message me with a purpose, don't fill my inbox with spam I just won't answer it.

- I do not cast spells for people, no exceptions


A little bit about me is I live in America, I am learning Spanish and Russian, and I've always loved reading. I write stories, I draw images, I paint my emotions, and I play the clarinet.

I play some videogames like League of Legends, Don't Starve, Ni No Kuni, Mario, Pokemon, Castle Crashers, and lots of others. I absolutely love videogames.

I'm currently training to go into the Army, I've lived in a military family my whole life and I couldn't imagine what I would be without it. I plan on being a medic of some kind.

I do not hold myself to any religion, nor am I an atheist. I would call myself agnostic however I never really cared about higher beings, they might as well be as important as a speck of dust to me.

I'm a liar as well as manipulative, be forewarned. I will cheat you and play with your feelings if I believe that I can. I'm arrogant and vain, do not attempt to decieve me. You may think you're tricking me but in actuality I'm only manipulating you because I'm bored and your lavish stories entertain me. Just because I acknowledge something you say or if I say your stories are interesting, doesn't mean I believe a word you say.


I study:

-Poppet Magic

-Herbal Magic

-Healing Magic (Herbal, Crystal)

-Tarot (I do not do readings)

-Hoodoo and Voodoo

-Hexes and Curses

-Candle Magic

-Crystal Magic

-Energy Control/Manipulation

-Astral Projection


-Kitchen Witchery


Any questions feel free to ask and I will point you in the right direction. I can't be a teacher though, I do not have the time or energy.


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