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Name: kuu/dere
Location: lost
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 14 Oct 2016

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Looking at the world and humanity as it is, it gets depressing, people say it is selfish to commit suicide, but why push someone week far to where they feel suicide is the way out. They say look at the light at the end of the tunnel, but no one ever said for it being barricaded or blocked out. What would you do then? Do you wait for someone to break the barricade? Do you break it yourself to get through? Or do you go back out the way you came and go around? Looking at life as it is, you can't help but think that this isn't living... this is only existing.. this is only surviving... as heartless and empty humanity has become, don't you feel alone or alienated from everyone, people of today make me ashamed to be called human. Although I may know my identity it doesn't change too much sense when people hear who you are youare ttitled crazy. People can do so much better. People can be so much more open to possibility if they give it a chance, you close yourself to possibility, than it may seem that nothing is possible. Want love? Give love. Want happiness? Don't be a moron and start discriminating against others. Religion is not the problem. I blame stupidity and ignorance. A christian, a muslim, an atheist, a pagan, and a Buddhist walk into a coffee shop. That's it! Their is no joke. Each person with different beliefs and different races having a conversation, laughing and sharing with Each other. This is what happens when people are NOT a**holes. Got a problem with what I say, BLOCK ME! see how it NOT effects me at all and I'm laughing at you cause Iit proves your innability to handle a strong woman. ***A little about me personally*** I am generally an otaku and interested in cosplay however I did not join this sight for RP. the aamines I watch are: black butler, Rosario vampire, heavens lost property, naruto, naruto shudippen, inuyasha, dead man wonderland, kamisama kiss, attack on titan. I listen to a variety of music such as: black veil brides, Jeffree star, blood on the dance floor, sleeping with sirens, asking Alexandria, arch enemy, Xandria, within temptation, and other things that peeked my interest. I also play piano and I mostly play a song called "freedom of the heart" I am an artist I use charcoal and oil pastels most of the time and working on other artistic utensils. I am in fact an otherkin/therian which means that I was born into the wrong body or was reincarnated into human body. Otherkin/Therian is not a choice however it is about identity. Anymore questions ask. I am also in the furry community and my fursonas are a wolf and a fox. ***what I practice*** healing cleansing herbalism psiballs energy manipulation elemental magic scrying divination (specialty in cartomancy and pendulums) ***what I am studying*** crystal magic glamour magic alchemy dream interpretation palm reading wrist reading blood magic


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