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Name: Yureon
Birthday: Jun 22 1993
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Henry Cox eyed the waitress who was working behind the counter. Amelia was a little scared, if not worried. At the same time, however, she kept looking at the clock hung up by the entrance.

"Hey," he called out to her. "come here, I got a favor to ask."

"What?" she responded nervously.

"C'mon, it'll only take a sec."

She cautiously approached Henry and stood right beside him. He pointed at the seat in front of him.

"Sit 'own, I got a proposal for you."

She hesitantly sits across from him. "What do you want...sir?"

"It's not about what I want, more like what I'm about to give you."


Henry looks around, sees nobody in sight, and continues "You know about the new rule, right? The one where we get tons of money if we press the button after the first sucker presses it?"

"Yeah...and the first one who presses it dies."

"Mhm..." he calmly reaches for his pocket and pulls out the button. "See the clocks reset every midnight. Right now it's 3AM, so there's a good chance that someone's press the button."

"Why are you telling me this?" Amelia became more and more agitated as they continued on the topic of the button.

"Because I want to deposit. I'm sure you do too, right?"

She responded with a loud gulp.

Henry continued "I see you eyeing that clock every few minutes. You're thinking whether or not if it's safe to deposit, right?"

Amelia didn't respond at all. She was shaking, nervous. She had a feeling he knew what he was about to offer.

"You're a sweet girl, young and innocent...but me? Honey, I've been through shit. Too much of it, in fact. That's why I'm gonna end it all here." He places the button on the table in front of them. "Your name tag says 'Amelia'. That's a pretty name."

"T-Thank you."

"Amelia...tonight's the night I change my life. I need the money to pay off my sins. I'm in over my head with debt, so much so that I'm being threatened to go homeless if I don't pay it off soon. That's why I'm taking action. Amelia, I'm gonna press that button right now. And I might die. Or I might get paid. Either way, I'm gonna be so relieved. All that weight will be lifted off my shoulders."

"What does this have to do with me...?"

"Because I want to see you happy. If I die, you'll get the money. If I live, you'll get the money. This button has made everyone crazy. No one knows who, if anyone, has pressed the button. So why not just get a free front row seat ticket to the man who might have been the first person to press it?"

Amelia looked scared, but thoughts swirled around her head. She really liked the idea of being free of stress from this looming thought that she might die tonight, but will it be at the cost of another life? Still, it was what he wanted. Amelia felt happy to oblige to a suicidal man's wish, if it'll make her richer.

"Okay...I'll just...stay here, right?"

Henry nodded. "I hope we can both come out on top." Henry slowly brings back the button and brings it close to his chest. "This is it..."

Amelia winces and turns her head away.


Silence washes over the heavy atmosphere. Amelia looks at Henry and smiles. Henry has his eyes closed tight, and looks astonished when he opens his eyes again to see Amelia's smile.

"I'm..alive! Thank God!"

"I'm so happy for you!" Amelia said gleefully. She giggled and continued "I guess, I should deposit too!" She pulls out her button and immediately clicks it.

"I'm so glad we could both come out on top." Henry smiles at her, and she smiles back.

Amelia's smile suddenly vanished when she feels something boiling within her skin. She looks at her hand and notices her veins bulging out, and her skin literally bubbling and oozing out of her bones. Her face was peeling off, and she tries her best to shriek, but her voice soon vanishes as her neck begins to tear open and her eyes simultaneously pop like grapes. She melts slowly, the skin turning into a puddle of flesh and bones, organs slowly evaporate, and her hair turns to ash.

Henry looks at the puddle, unperturbed. He grabs Amelia's button and reaches into his other pocket. Within he pulls out a separate button and pushes it. His phone then jingles soon after pressing the button. Henry checks his phone, and in bright colorful letters, he sees the following:

"Congratulations! Your money has been deposited! You get a bonus for being the secon...Click Here to Show More"

Henry powers down his phone and walks away from the scene, leaving the first button he pressed behind and taking Amelia's button with him.

The next night around 1AM, Henry walks into a bar and sees a lonely bartender washing some cups. He whistles at the Bartender's direction, and he looks towards Henry's direction.

"Hey," he called out to him "come here. I've got a favor to ask."


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