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Name: Goldendusk
Birthday: Jun 19 1998
Location: Kansas
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 20 Feb 2017

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Personal Bio
Hello, I am Goldendusk. My real name will be undisclosed here, but feel free to call me just Gold, Golden, or Dusky.

As a person, I am told I am kind, creative, imaginative, funny, wise, energetic, and a good friend. I like to think I am indeed all of those, but I've also been told I can be kind of emotional and sometimes unbearably so. Sorry for that. What I do know, is I am loyal and forgiving nearly to a fault, and I love people as a general rule. I'm a Gemini-Cancer cusp, considered the Cusp of Magic. I have a mostly gold-colored aura, and according to the chakra test (though who knows how reliable that is.) All of them are open or over active. Not a surprise as I can be a pretty outgoing and high-energy person. My spirit animal(s) is the Phoenix or the Thunderbird. I am an Earth Tiger by the Chinese zodiac, and I'm also ESFP, if that means anything to anyone.

Other Misc. things I like:


2.Night time



5.Magic the Gathering




9.Classic rock

10.Dragon Age

11.Tolkien Elvish

12.Dungeons & Dragons

I am still fairly new to learning and practice, specifically training my own abilities further, but not new to having them. I already have a firm grasp on psychic ability, energy sensing and manipulation, and empathy both emotional and physical.

I am learning, know, and would like to learn more about:

1.Futhark Runes

2.Elements and elementals

3.Colors in magic

4.Astrology/Horoscopes/7 Planets

5.Spirit animals/Familiars

6.Mythical creatures


8.Gemstones and crystals



11.Banishing evil/negativity

12.Dispelling curses

13.Luck spells



16.Sigil/Rune magic

Other than this, I am willing to learn anything. I'm also willing to teach and guide what I already know of the above topics.

My beliefs are eclectic and kind of a bizarre mish mosh. If i were to label myself as anything, I guess Mage would suit most, just because Witch, to me, is just a little too feminine. I greatly favor Norse mythology and tradition. I take bits of a little of everything as my faith, and believe there are multiple Gods and Goddesses, a few of whom I really look up to for guidance with matters. I also believe in the existence of supernatural beings other than spirits. And am very open-minded to learn other peoples beliefs as well.

I do not worship any deities. I am in fact disturbed by the idea of worship, since it makes no sense to me. I see my personal pantheon of Gods more as companions, teachers, leaders, and family. I give them gifts not because religion demands it, but because I love them as such.

Personal Pantheon:






If you'd like me to cast a spell for you, feel free to detail me a message on what the problem is, HOWEVER, I will always attempt to give you an alternative non-magical solution to your problem first. Followed by research or small things you can do yourself. If you still need help, I will attempt to create a spell for you to do. If you do not already know the basics of magic and casting a spell, I will be willing to do it for you, with no charge of course. I do not do site spells, since most of them prove rickety with my own practice or are so absurd they're laughable.

A few rules to mailing me:

1.Be understandable. If i can't understand you, I can't and probably won't help you. If English isn't your native language, tell me and I can make an exception. Otherwise, use complete sentences. Spellcheck is your friend.

2.Do not spam me with the same messages over and over. I will ask you to stop followed by blocking if it continues.

3.Be kind. Simple enough? I'm always willing to share my beliefs and views and listen to yours. Do not ridicule me. I will call you out on it followed by blocking for continued harassment.

4.If i get a bad feeling about you suddenly, I will likely tell you and cease communication. I'm sorry, but i have to trust my instincts on that one.

5.Chatters, students, teachers, and friends are fine and welcome!

Thank you for reading, and Good wishes!


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