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Name: Valcun
Birthday: 2001
Location: On Hela
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 22 Sep 2017

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

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Personal Bio
Good day. A spiritual gypsy welcomes you to a mundane yet sane journey.
"Thee don't seek darkness,when thee are one!!"
By the Blessings of Athena and Lord Loki, I am the Priest of Raven's gate. If you have anyquarries,feel free to mail me about it.
To be called a heathen would been highly reverent. NorsePolytheismwith a fine stroke of advanced witchcraft is my art.
In depth,I practice/study:
The Aesir Pantheon :
The Aesir is one of the august pantheons in Norse Mythology, led by Father Odin, dwelling in the most dignified branch of the Yggdrasil, The Asgard. Father Odin, Bragi, Baldr ,Loki, Thor, Tyr, Heimdall and Frigga are some notable natives of this pantheon.
'' By Odin's Gungnir thee commence,
Under Frigga's warmth, thee shall exist!
By Baldr, thee shall be embellished,
By Tyr's left hand, thee shall glorify,
From Thor's Mjollnir, thee shall seek vigor!
By Forseti,thee shall conclude!''
The Vanir being the second Norse Pantheon, encompass the concepts of Fertility,sexuality and prosperity. Freyja, Freyr, Njord and Skadi are the notable Lord and Ladies in this pantheon.
'' ....Freyr, thee thus should ennoble,
Freyja, thee thus shall never demean.
For Njord, exalt the father!
Art, thee shall recall Him!
Oh Winter,
Perceive your mistress (Skadi) !!"
Celtic Polytheism
From the Iron age, a number of Celts have contributed to the development of a dignified world. Celtic deities include Mother Arianrhod and Airmed.
'' ...and that day,
Shall mankind endlessly await,
Under The Euphoric light,
Of the Moon Maiden (Arianrhod)!!"
Greek Mythology:
Much acknowledged Mythology is the Greek Mythology,being the most distinctive mythology with well-esteemed Lord and Ladies.
The pantheon consists of Father Zeus, Athena, Ares, Hecate, Artemis etc.
" The Sky...thus await It's Guardian (Zeus)
The War, thus beseech from It's Designer (Athena)
The Valiant, shall seek It's Potentate (Ares)!
The Magnanimous,shall seek It's Supreme (Artemis)!
Death Witchcraft:
The art is often baffled with granting death. To me, death witchcraft is the art of honoring Death, that sets one's soul free from the dismal and the inhumane; thus granting eternal freedom.
'' Soils that resonated Death,
Skies, that once Grieved.
The Darkness; and it's exuberance,
Only Finite.
For Death crept in,
From Beneath the Benevolent
And through the Malevolent.
In the presence,
Of Light's Exultance
Death nulified the Goliath
Of all Men.
It's hands eccentric,
It's eyes hostile,
It's vein robust;
Death crept in
Death crept in..."
Ps. these are all my writings,and it will be offensive if copied. Thank you.
Minor Practices include:
  • Shielding: The art of warding negative energies and entities from one's atmosphere.
  • Energy Harnessing: The art of harnessing energy from some vital sources such as the Sun,Moon, Mother Nature, Father Sky.
  • Herbalism : In the grounds of Lady Gaea lay the treasures of mankind; the grandeur of Mother Nature; Herbs. Though I am yet to learn more...I have a small accumulation of herbs.
  • Elder Futhark: The Old Futhark,also called German Futhark, are a set of 24 runes or alphabets.
  • Purification: Our soul is marred withmaleficence. To attain spirituality, purification is compulsory,as it connects you to your divine state.

When mailing me:

  • Have your intentions cleared : Please have your intentions cleared before mailing. I do not acceptimprecise mails.
  • Have a subject : Please have a subject. Simple greetings like 'hi, 'hello' will be ignored.
  • : I feel I am familiar with the art of penning . However, I do not cast for people. Spell is best done when personal energies and emotions are involved.
  • Seek/exchange Knowledge : Knowledge is power,and power is best acknowledged when shared. Feel free to drop by and share anything you please.
  • No Fluffs : I value time. Time is energy; once gone,never comes back. Use your energies wisely.
You have reached the end of this journey;yet it remains infinite. Hope it was worth your time.


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