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Name: ian08
Location: blue room. :P
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 16 Jul 2012

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my name is ian, it can be pronounced as you see it or pronounced as yan - either way, that's still me. :) btw, don't mistake me for a guy just because of my name. i'm 100% girl :) i'm 20. culinary arts student. taken by the most amazing, understanding, handsome and loving guy in the whole world. :"> i've been exposed to magic since i was 9 or 10 years old but never had the chance to practice again. busy busy. i've seen, heard and feel paranormal things. i continue to feel them and it's been normal to me when i experience them.

i love to draw/doodle. dance around. sing along with my favorite songs. daydreaming. sleeping. eating. i love blue. black. red. green. i hate pink. yellow. orange and other too bright or too girly colors. i love stitch. scrump (lilo's voodoo doll). taz. eeyore. i love dolphins. arctic fox. seals. tigers. dogs. cats. i love mango cakes. sans rivals. chocolate cakes. mint chocolate chip ice cream. chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. chocolates. i hate white chocolate, don't know why but i just don't like it. i love staying at home and i don't go out much.

i believe in heaven and hell. angels and demons. fairies and elves. ghosts and other paranormal entities. i've seen, heard and can feel the paranormal. i believe in karma. magic. spells.

i'm the type of girl who's quiet and at the same time can be talkative. i'm quiet because there are a lot of things going on in my head. i don't really hate people but i do have the tendency to hate them if they did something wrong or they're plain annoying. throughout this crazy thing we all call life, i've experienced a lot of things - may it be good or bad. i learned from my mistakes and i learned how to keep everything on the low. i'm the type of girl who wears a shirt, pants and sneakers or shirt, capri pants and ballet flats. i only wear an eyeliner, blush on and lip balm with an occasional lipstick. i only wear dresses/skirts with high heeled shoes when there's a special occasion. i don't really brush my hair, i just let it be. the only thing about me that is fake is my contact lenses, i don't see clearly without them and i hate wearing eye glasses, that's why i have 'em.

i experienced lying to people to make them like me and i swear, i hated myself due to that frustration. i trusted the wrong people, i experienced love and got hurt. people judge me through the way i dress, walk, talk, my hair, the way i live, friends, family, the way i carry myself, weight, height, outside appearance and even base it on the things they've heard but honestly, i don't care 'cause that's just me. that's how i am, your opinion is not needed and nobody said that you have to like it.

i know i've made a lot of mistakes before but that doesn't mean i can't start over. i know my mistakes but that doesn't also mean that's how i really am. the only one who really knows me is myself. i'm being myself and that's the only thing i can be.


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