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Name: ForestLurker
Last Seen: Sat, 08 Oct 2016

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I'll make this quick so I don't waste much of your time. Here's a quote that basically sums up me

"I hurt, I break, but I never give up. I will never give up on myself or anybody as long as breath is still in this body"


Name: just call me Forest

Age: 14

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: bisexual

Status: doing good

Mood:sleepy and bored

Fav Music: Nightcore

I deal with depression

I will not release anything too personal

A couple of things I like: Creepypasta, my friends, food, sleep, and Facebook (I'll only give it to you if I want to)

If you want, message me. I won't bite.. maybe.



Don't you dare touch him! He is my brother! Mess with him and you will see me come unglued on 738 different levels of insane! Kapish? Good!


"I am an angel,

One not fallen,

One not in skies above.

I am a demon,

One not redeemed,

One not down below.

I am human,

One not ordinary,

One not on earth.

I am god,

One not almighty,

One not ruling all there is.

I am that which is unseen,

I am that yet to be discovered,

I am me." ~Tortured Love


Some quotes that mean a lot to me:

"Isn't it funny that we always do what we said we wouldn't?" ~me

"Enjoy every day as if it was your last because one day it will be" ~me

"Don't cushion the truth from me. It's better to be hit with the cold hard truth than to be led on by a soft and sweet lie" ~me

"Sometimes it's better that they forget you" ~me

"I love and what do I get? A knife right in the back" ~me

"Don't fall in in love with me. I can't love back anymore. All thanks to him" ~me

"Welcome back Darkness, my old friend. Hug?" ~me

"The darkness inside welcomes me more than the light outside" ~me

"Hurt me all you want for it won't break me. But love me, and I will shatter" ~me

"The memories may hurt but how i got them is what made me who I am" ~me

"They helped me when no one else did anything" ~me

"No thanks. I'm not biting that hook again" ~me

"You said 'I love you' and I said 'I'll take my chances with the tornado'" ~me

"Don't test me unless you want to see what I'm really made of" ~me

"Keep trying to throw me down but I won't hit the ground" ~me

"Sometimes it just takes the right person to relight the fire in your heart" ~me

"Music and the moon are the only painkillers I need" ~me

No stealing. If you want to use them just ask. It's not that hard


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