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Name: VneronV
Location: United States
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 05 Oct 2016

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Hi I'm a friendly yet brutally honest person:) I'm here looking for friends and like minded individuals. My interests and activities are: Occult study, meditation, vampirism, working out, sparring, spending time with my family, reiki, energy manipulation, Teaching, and perfecting my craft. I'm experienced and very serious about what I do so don't message me with any bullshit based off of movies. A vampyre is a soul type a spiritual creature who feeds off blood essence for sustenance and collects information using the same method. We are predatory spirits in nature but not evil. Our spiritual caste has a bad name but like most soultypes we were created by origin. Our home is the nightside of the astral plane ruled by Hecate and Nyx. There is no such thing as Physical immortality So if your one of those clowns don't message me. Our more advanced practices if executed correctly, can lengthen your lifespan to a certain degree along with proper diet and exercise but not for hundreds of years.Please fuck off if you think you are Lestat. One of the main reasons I'm back is to help guide and counsel the newly awakend. I don't seek any favors or payment in return for any of the advice or information I provide. It is the responsibility of the elders within the vampyre community to guide the newly awakened towards the right path. Im not wiccan, pagan, or luciferian but Iv been a deciple of Hecate for most of my life and hold much knowledge on each practice. Im familiar with and have exprience using various magick systems and energy techniques vampyre and therian alike. I love anime and various kinds of METAL, industrial, GOTH and Classical music. I'm here again for a specific reason and I don't have time to be flashy. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


The point of focusing on death and Hecate is to release one from the identification of the body. In order to have greater spiritual experiences, all attatchments to the body have to be overcome. This is not just for the disciple of the dark mother, but is true for all paths. Even if you worship a being of pure "light" there will be a time where they will challenge you to release attatchments to the body so you can experience them to a greater extent. It would appear that focusing on death would be for the rare types of devotees that worship Hecate/Baphomet or Parvati/Shiva, but in fact all ancient cultures knew that spiritual experience was not possible without overcoming the limits of the body. If you can imagine, there was a time when Hecate was our friend, not our enemy. The reason Hecate was not considered evil in ancient culture was because we recognized and embraced her as the higher force that would unite us with our divine self.She became feared and was considered "evil" as we started to move away from the appreciation of death.

In ancient culture it was well known and widely accepted that the afterlife far superseded the earth plane in bliss and higher consciousness and therefore death was not thought to be a bad thing. Now in modern times, death is shunned, ignored, feared and many use spirituality in an attempt to block out the force of death and the suffering that is needed in order to advance on the spiritual path. Present day spirituality is now in a rut, trying to stop Hecate from doing her work. Without suffering, we would never create the strength to handle the spiritual path. Without death, we could never clear out the karma that prevented us from merging into the divine. It is important to remember that One of The goddesses Jobs is to bring us back home. She will use whatever means necessary to move you into the ocean on consciousness. Do not be afraid, we are all going to die and trust me when I say, for most, it will be the greatest experience they ever have.


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